41M Turán II Platoon
The 40M Turán I was based on Skoda T-21 tank prototypes taken over by the Germans following the annexation of Czechoslovakia. The tank featured the Hungarian 40mm A17 anti-tank gun and 50mm of frontal armour. Although comparable to many early...
Bolt Action Battlefield Debris
Nothing makes a wargame better than fighting over great looking scenery. From a military checkpoint to the contents of a destroyed home, and from sandbag emplacements to ruined walls, this plastic set brings your wargames to life! Models supplied unassembled...
Academy of Street Fighting (Bolt Action: Firefight) PDF
With frost covering the ground at Warlord HQ, we're looking eastward to the embattled city of Stalingrad, which became the proving ground for many street fighting tactics! As part of our Christmas extravaganza, we've put together a few free downloads...
Bolt Action 2 FAQ
We present the latest FAQ for Bolt Action. This PDF is the most up to date source for rulings and replaces any previous documents. Errata are changes to the text of the published books, changes that will be made in...
Terrain Painting Guide (Sarissa) PDF
This is a short ‘how to’ paint article to show how quick it can be to get an unpainted MDF kit onto the games table. They are simple and don’t involve spray paints, three colour layers of paint, ink wash...
United States painting guide - digital download
This 7 page Painting Guide will provide you with a step-by-step guide to painting a GI (general infantryman) of the U.S. Army, and easily the most ubiquitous American tank of the war - the M4 Sherman. The basic colour schemes...
Kelly's Heroes booklet PDF
A firm favourite here in the Warlord office, Kelly's Heroes the movie has fired the imagination for generations. Oddball heroes is a natural fit with the Bolt Action rules and the sets just ooze character! This is the free PDF...

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