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The Army Painter Hobby Set
For all you New and Existing hobbyists out there we are adding to our extensive range of 'The Army Painter' equipment with the latest  'Hobby Set', packed with top quality products at a great value to get you started with...
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Wargames Mega Brush Set
With the Mega Brush Set you get the very best Wargames Brushes available - fulfilling every aspect of painting! In the set you get one each of the following brushes: Insane Detail, Detail, Character, Regiment, Stippling, Monster, Small Drybrush, Large...
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Blasted Winter Battlefield Theme Set
World War II is littered with tales of hardship and heroism as whole armies struggled against not only the enemy but the harsh, unforgiving cold of winter. The Battle of the Bulge, the Russo-Finnish Winter War and countless battles on...
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Northern European Battlefield Theme Set
World War II, being a truly global conflict, saw battles raging across all manner of terrain, and much of it started and ended in the fields and hedgerows of Northern Europe. Soldiers there would use every scrap of wall, hedge,...
Plastic Wargaming Assembly Set
As far as product value goes, this set is an absolute high-score. Contains a special Plastic Frame cutter with extra fine point for precision work, a scalpel knife for removing flash and cutting plus a 12ml. of The Army Painters...
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Static Grass Basing Glue 500ml
Static Grass Basing Glue is for the first layer of static grass on your baseboards, models, dioramas or war boards. This glue is made for Static Grass and will give you a long lasting and hardened base. For your multi...
Fast Tack Glue
This Fast Tack Glue comes in a 250ml easy application, re-sealable bottle. It is ideal for fine detail on all bases. PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO THE NATURE OF THIS PRODUCT WE CAN ONLY SELL THIS TO THE UK AND...
250ml Tufts Glue
Self Adhesive Tufts Glue 1 x 250ml very tacky glue with detail nozzle and cap. Ideal for making your own Self Adhesive Static Grass Tufts using our Pro Grass Applicator. PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO THE NATURE OF THIS PRODUCT...
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Pro Grass Box
No DC adapter needed, works straight from the box, runs off a 9V battery which is supplied fitted. The Box size is 117 x 97 x 50mm with a 17 inch earth cable. Pro Grass Box also contains: 25ml of...
Pro Grass Applicator
The Pro Grass V1.0 - Designed and made in the UK - is a specialist tool designed and manufactured by WWS for applying static grass on to any surface. Suitable for everyday or occasional use it is a must for...
Detailing Heads
Detailing Heads 1 x Medium Head for 2mm, 4mm 6mm 1 x Large Head for 6mm, 10mm, 12mm
ProCreate sculpting putty
Rather than me tell you about Procreate - a new sculpting putty which we now have for sale - I shall hand over to Warlord's in-house sculptor: -   "ProCreate (commonly known as Grey Stuff) is a two-part epoxy resin designed to produce...
Flat-Nosed Hobby Pliers
Desighne or use primarily with metal miniatures these stainless steel pliers come with soft, comfortable grip.  
Curved Filing Tools
 These set of 3 files are curved to allow you to file those hard to reach places on your models.
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Wargaming Hobby Saw
The Wargaming Hobby Saw has been designed to make clean cuts in both resin, plastic and metal miniatures. The saw is mostly used for converting miniatures and for cutting through miniature parts too thick for the Sider Cutters.
Large Drybrush
 Ideal for drybrushing large areas of fur, chainmail, etc  
Basecoating Brush
Great for painting those larger areas onto your miniatures.  
Vehicle/Terrain/Dip Brush
 This brush is all you'll need to apply paint to large vehicles or for painting your glorious terrain pieces! Also ideal for painting on QuickShade instead of dipping your models into the tin!  
Monster Brush
 Need a brush for painting those larger models?  Here it is!  
Small Drybrush
 Ideal for drybrushing small areas of fur, chainmail, etc.  
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Regiment Brush
Ideal for painting basecoats and large areas.
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Character Brush
Perfect for adding detailing to your miniatures
Highlighting Brush
 Ideal brush for highlighting and adding details to your miniature  
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Detail Brush
Great for the finer detail on your treasured miniatures
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Insane Detail Brush
Looking to paint the eyes on your model? Need to add freehand scrolwork to your miniatures? This is the brush you're looking for!  
Precise Detail Brush
 Ideal brush for the finer details on your miniature  
Kolinsky Masterclass Brush
This brush is as good as it comes. The finest Kolinsky hair is used to make this handmade brush into a work of art. Needle like point ensures maximum accuracy and the triangular handle gives 100% control.  
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25mm unlipped Round bases (5x5 frames)
5 sprues of 5 x 25mm round unlipped bases
3 frames of 25mm bases
3 sprues of 25 x 25mm round bases
25mm x 50mm round lip bases sprue
1 sprue of 8 x 25mm x 50mm round lip bases

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