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Gates of Antares – Concord


Controlled by a sentient machine intelligence (IMTel), the Concord responds to threats with logical ruthlessness.

Gates of Antares – Ghar Empire

Ghar Empire

Bred only for war, the Ghar clad themselves in crude but powerful armoured battlesuits, backed up by a horde of outcast slaves.

Gates of Antares – Freeborn


The Freeborn fight as mercenaries across Antarean space, always seeking profit for their trade house.

Gates of Antares – Boromite


Evolved to work on asteroids, the Boromite guilds adapt mining tech into devastating weapons and employ a host of strange creatures.

Gates of Antares – Isorians


The Isorian IMTel has integrated with alien technology, becoming incompatible with the Concord.

Gates of Antares – Algoryn


The Algoryn are a proud warrior society, engaged in constant warfare with the Ghar Empire.

The Dronescourge Returns

The Dronescourge Returns

The action intensifies in Beyond the Gates of Antares as a long-forgotten threat re-emerges.

Gates of Antares – Ghar Rebel Outcasts

Ghar Outcast Rebels

The Ghar Outcast Rebel Army, led by disgraced commander Fartok, make much use of recycled and repaired weaponry and equipment.

Gates of Antares – Virai Dronescourge

The Virai

The Virai are an ancient threat, a drone species thought destroyed long ago.

Alien Creatures, Terrain & Paint

Gates of Antares – Alien Creatures

Alien Creatures

The Battle for Xilos supplement includes rules for a variety of alien lifeforms that may appear on your battlefields!

Beyond the Gates of Antares Terrain

Antares Terrain

Build your battlefield with habitation, transmat stations and kinetic barricades.

Paint and Tools

Paint & Tools

A wide range of paints and tools, to prepare your forces.

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