The Battle for Berlin battle-set collectors set
The German forces are going completely for broke, the Third Reich has mustered the remnants of their crippled forces and with their last breath, they attempt to finally stop the Soviet horde from dealing the final blow. From what was...
Armies of Germany 2nd Edition
'Armies of Germany 2nd Edition' is a supplement for our award winning tabletop wargame Bolt Action, and deals with the German Army of World War II. Within you will find background and details of the German Army’s organisation and equipment from the beginning of the...
German Grenadiers Starter Army
Suggested Army List; 1 Lieutenant and 2 Riflemen* (70pts). 10 man squad of regular German Grenadiers* (2x SMG, 1x LMG, 4x panzerfaust). 146pts. 10 man squad of Veteran German Grenadiers* (10x Assault rifles, 4x panzerfaust). 200pts. 10 man squad of...
German Grenadiers Starter Army Expansion Set
Set contains: German Army HQ (1943-45) Panzer IV Ausf. F1/G/H medium tank (plastic) Sd.Kfz 251/1 ausf D halftrack plastic box set Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Waffen SS Starter Army
Tough, lavishly equipped and politically indoctrinated, SS troops formed over 38 divisions and numerous other regimental and battalion-sized units, totalling nearly a million men under arms. Their armoured units won many plaudits for their actions, and although relationships between regular...
1000pts Blitzkrieg German Army
Bolt Action Points Values Description Value First Lieutenant (veteran)& two extra riflemen* 116 Heer Veteran Infantry Squad (10) NCO with SMG, LMG, Anti-tank grenades) 173 Heer Infantry Squad (10) NCO with SMG, LMG* 123 Heer Infantry Squad (10) NCO with...
Blitzkrieg German Starter Army Expansion Set
Set contains: Blitzkrieg German HQ (1939-42) Panzer II Krupp Protze heavy field car Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Tank War: German starter set
Limited steel resources forced Germany's hand to create monstrous tanks, vehicles capable of taking on whole squadrons on their own and coming out on top. Spearheading this assault is the Panther, boasting tough front armour, making it the ideal candidate...
German Tank War Reinforcements Bundle
Chock full of goodies! This bundle contains: 2 Tiger I Ausf. E heavy tanks 2 Panzer IIIs Panzer 38(t) An A5 Tank War Mini Rulebook German Turret numbers - black with white outline decal sheet Tank Damage Marker Stowage pack...
£110.00 £95.00
Afrika Korps Starter army
With the Infamous 88, a Panzer III tank and 30 + men to command this is the German Afrika Korps Starter army you must have! Sent to North Africa to bolster the Axis war effort in the Western Desert, the...
Fallschirmjager Starter Army Expansion Set
Set contains: Fallschirmjager HQ (1943-45) Panzer IV Ausf. F1/G/H medium tank (plastic) Puma Sd.Kfz 234/2 Armoured Car plastic box set Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
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German Heer Grenadier Starter 1943-45 - 1000pt army
The backbone of the late war German forces, the Heer Grenadiers, may not have the elite status given to the likes of the Fallschirmjager or Panzer grenadiers but they have great experience and skill at arms when compared to the...
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German Heer Grenadier Starter (Winter) 1943-45 - 1000pt army
The lessons learned during the harsh Russian winters hardened the regular German army (Heer) into a highly effective combat force with a core of veteran men to pass on valuable experience to the many new recruits needed as the war...
Winter Grenadier 1000 point Reinforced Platoon
Contains: 1 x German Heer HQ (Winter) 1 x German Grenadier Squad (Winter) 1 x Gebirgsjager squad 1 x German Heer MMG Team (Winter) 1 x German Heer Medium Mortar team (Winter) 1 x German Heer Panzerschreck, Flamethrower & Sniper...
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German Blitzkrieg Starter, France 1940
The art of lightning war, pioneered by the German forces, was heavily utilised with the German invasion of Western Europe. It was such a brash tactic that it stormed through Belgian and allowed the German army to literally drive circles...
German Blitzkrieg Panzergrenadiers Starter 1939-42 - 1000pt army
Following the static nature of the first world war, Allied commanders were ill prepared as German forces took them by surprise in a lightning-fast attack past the defensive lines of Allied forces. A revolutionary tactic that would become known as...
German Deutsches Afrika Korps, DAK - 1000pt Starter army
Under the command of the Desert Fox himself, Erwin Rommel, field the new German Deutsches Afrikakorps DAK 1000 point force! The Deutsches Afrikakorps, also known as the DAK, was the German expeditionary force in Africa during the North Africa campaign....
German Panzergrenadiers Starter 1943-45 - 1000pt army
Having perfected the art of lightning war, better known as Blitzkrieg when they invaded Europe earlier in the war still, the German Panzergrenadier had his part to play in numerous battles from Kursk to Berlin in the East and Normandy to the Rhine...
German Fallschirmjager Starter 1943-45 - 1000pt army
Some of the most feared and elite troops of the second world war, the Fallschirmjäger really do set themselves apart even amongst the elitist German forces. With success in Italy, Africa, France, and the Eastern front the Fallschirmjäger is the...
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German Waffen-SS Starter 1943-45 - 1000pt army
The most controversial and one of the most elite forces under the German banner, the Waffen-SS was equipped with the best equipment the German army could offer. They were often feared and resented by the Allied forces which certainly bloodied...
BUF Fifth Column
£45.00 £41.00
BUF Fifth Column
This bundle contains 2 BUF Action Squads, 1 BUF Anti-tank team + support team, 1 BUF Group Leader with two BUF bodyguards and Oswald Mosley with his retinue, this will give you: 1 Metal Oswald Mosley with 2 metal bodyguards 1...
£45.00 £41.00
German Rear Guard Column
As the main German force retreats and prepares more defences, the rear guard will cover and intercept the Soviet forces. Completely prepared to stand to the last man, this German column is full of veteran units ready to get revenge...
German Motorised Column
Mobilise your tired forces; this bundle provides the transport you need to evacuate the wounded and move valuable assets. It contains: 3 x Opel Blitz & Maultier box sets 1 x Kubelwagen 1 x Raus Dismounted set Models supplied unassembled...
£85.00 £72.00
Blitzkrieg Sea Lion Invasion Force
Trying to maintain a beachhead on the British shores is a mammoth task, but this invasion Force is the ideal collection to attempt to do it! This Army contains: 1 x Blitzkrieg German HQ (1939-42) 1 x Blitzkrieg German Infantry...
Blitzkrieg Gigant Strike Force
With the most ambitious operation of the war underway, it'll take valour, courage and overwhelming power to achieve the desired objectives, luckily the German forces have created this top of the line elite force to handle this sort of job....
German Early Tank Attack Force (PzII & PzIV)
The führer would be pleased with this strike force, capable of sweeping over nations and crushing the combined forces of Western Europe. Blitzkrieg your way into the heart of the Allied forces and crush anyone who stands in the way...
German Afrika Korps and Command Bundle
The Axis forces come en masse and deliver many platoons into the western desert. Determined to push the 8th Army back and completely crush them, the Afrika Korps are ready to secure a front for the Fatherland and get them...
German Offensive Force (Winter)
Gear up your troops in this one-stop army set containing: 1x box of German Infantry (Winter) - (30 plastic German infantry figures in greatcoats) 2x Boxes of Opel Blitz/Maultier - (2 plastic truck kits with lots of options including seated...
First in! Last Out! Pioniers deal
Deal includes Pionierwagen + German Pioniers + the German Motorcycle 1939-1942 Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
£52.50 £48.00
Farmhouse Ambush
£62.00 £57.50
Farmhouse Ambush
Watch as the Allies foolishly stumble into your trap, use the ruined farmhouse to hide your winter grenadiers and launch your ambush with the low profiled Hetzer. This set contains: A Winter Grenadiers box set - which contains 30 plastic...
£62.00 £57.50

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