Victory at Sea - Merchant Convoy
Preventing attacks on defenceless merchant ships is the other main role of the navy, and it was here that the war was fought, day in and day out, by the humble corvette, frigate and destroyer escort, and later by escort...
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Victory at Sea: Liberty Ships
The need to replace the merchant tonnage lost to enemy commerce raiding prompted the design of the Liberty-class ships. Simple and easy to build, these rather basic merchantmen were put together in large numbers and very quickly – which was...
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Victory at Sea: SS Ohio tanker
Oil proved to be the life blood for nations and their armed forces, and thus oil tankers often represented the single most important ships within convoys. SS Ohio is arguably the best-known merchant vessel of WWII, largely due to its...
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Victory at Sea: Victory Ships
From 1943 onward, the Allies perceived a need for faster transport ships. The desperate shipping crisis of the early Battle of the Atlantic had receded somewhat, and emphasis could now be placed on improved quality and speed. The result was...
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