Bolt Action 2 Starter Set - "Band of Brothers"
New Plastics, New Starter Set Introducing the shiny new Starter Set for the Bolt Action game, this time featuring German Grenadiers against a brand new plastic infantry set, the elite US Airborne: 'Band Of Brothers' Contents: 24 New Plastic US Airborne 12...
The Longest Day. D-Day battle-set
Years of planning culminate in The Longest Day, the long-awaited invasion begins with the assault on the beaches of Normandy; D-Day 6th June 1944... The longest day Normandy, 6 June 1944. The Allies undertake the largest and most ambitious amphibious...
Beachhead Assault! D-Day battle-set collectors edition
Go ultimate, with the D-Day collector's edition. Everything you could possibly want within this perfect battle set, to recreate your invasion of Europe this 75th D-Day anniversary. Beachhead Assault! - D-Day collectors edition contains The Longest Day - D-Day battle-set...
Pegasus Bridge second edition
This remarkable laser-cut replica of Pegasus Bridge, along with scenery representing other key features of the battle site such as the Café Gondrée, gun emplacement, machine gun posts and bunker are all included in this superb battle-set, allowing you to...
Ham & Jam 2nd Edition
Can you land your first elements as close as Staff Sergeant James Harley Wallwork did on that fateful day? Upgrade to this amazing collector's edition, Ham and Jam set! Recreate this historical battle with all the elements in play! Look at...
The Battle for Berlin battle-set
This entire war has led to this monumental moment in world history, this is the Allies chance to end it all, this is Battle for Berlin… Hitler’s armed forces make their last stand in the German capital, Berlin. Facing them...
The Battle for Berlin battle-set collectors set
The German forces are going completely for broke, the Third Reich has mustered the remnants of their crippled forces and with their last breath, they attempt to finally stop the Soviet horde from dealing the final blow. From what was...
Tank War: British starter set
American lend-lease allows the British to field the Sherman and British engineers improved these tanks even further, putting it's fire power above most American versions with the Sherman V Firefly, equipped with a 17-pdr cannon which was one of the...
Tank War: German starter set
Limited steel resources forced Germany's hand to create monstrous tanks, vehicles capable of taking on whole squadrons on their own and coming out on top. Spearheading this assault is the Panther, boasting tough front armour, making it the ideal candidate...
Afrika Korps Starter army
With the Infamous 88, a Panzer III tank and 30 + men to command this is the German Afrika Korps Starter army you must have! Sent to North Africa to bolster the Axis war effort in the Western Desert, the...
German Deutsches Afrika Korps, DAK - 1000pt Starter army
Under the command of the Desert Fox himself, Erwin Rommel, field the new German Deutsches Afrikakorps DAK 1000 point force! The Deutsches Afrikakorps, also known as the DAK, was the German expeditionary force in Africa during the North Africa campaign....
1,000pt British Army starter army
Bolt Action Points Values Description Value Second Lieutenant& one extra rifleman 70 Infantry Squad (10) NCO SMG, LMG 123 Infantry Squad (10) NCO SMG, LMG 123 Infantry Squad (10) NCO SMG, LMG 123 Infantry Squad (10) NCO SMG, LMG 123...
German Grenadiers Starter Army
Suggested Army List; 1 Lieutenant and 2 Riflemen* (70pts). 10 man squad of regular German Grenadiers* (2x SMG, 1x LMG, 4x panzerfaust). 146pts. 10 man squad of Veteran German Grenadiers* (10x Assault rifles, 4x panzerfaust). 200pts. 10 man squad of...
Waffen SS Starter Army
Tough, lavishly equipped and politically indoctrinated, SS troops formed over 38 divisions and numerous other regimental and battalion-sized units, totalling nearly a million men under arms. Their armoured units won many plaudits for their actions, and although relationships between regular...
Semper Fidelis - US Marines Starter Army
Guadalcanal. Tarawa. Iwo Jima. Okinawa. Just some of the legendary actions the US Marine Corps fought in - actions that have rightfully sent the USMC into legend. There are few fighting forces that can rival the fearsome reputation of the...
Blitzkreig Panzergrenadiers
This great value boxed set contains a perfect start to your German Heer army with three squads of Panzergrenadiers and their armoured half-track transports! Whether you are invading Poland, rampaging across France and the low countries or driving deep into...
Late War Panzergrenadiers (30 plus 3 hanomags)
Speeding into the thickest of the action from the armoured confines of their "neue" late war version Hanomag halftracks, the Panzergrenadiers are the Third Reich's fire brigade - plugging gaps in the German defences or taking full advantage of weak...
The Battle For Normandy Ultimate Collection
The Allies have launched their combined assault onto the dug-in Axis forces. This bundle contains both, the overwhelming might of the US forces dwelling onto the coast of France and the determined defences of the Germans. This massive set contains:...
US 168th Combat Engineers Company
There were many brave defensive actions across the Ardennes but the 168th Combat engineers proved to be some of the toughest obstacles to the German advance. Read more about them here. A complete Combat reinforced Platoon wrapped up for the...
Early German Blitzkrieg Force
To Commemorate Dunkirk, 26 May - 4 June 1940, and in preparation for the Bolt Action Summer Campaign 'Invasion Of Britain' we bring you a series of Bolt Action Armies flavoured to depict both the Allies and Axis forces, of...
German Blitzkrieg Panzergrenadiers Starter 1939-42 - 1000pt army
Following the static nature of the first world war, Allied commanders were ill prepared as German forces took them by surprise in a lightning-fast attack past the defensive lines of Allied forces. A revolutionary tactic that would become known as...
Blitzkrieg Sea Lion Invasion Force
Trying to maintain a beachhead on the British shores is a mammoth task, but this invasion Force is the ideal collection to attempt to do it! This Army contains: 1 x Blitzkrieg German HQ (1939-42) 1 x Blitzkrieg German Infantry...
Blitzkrieg Gigant Strike Force
With the most ambitious operation of the war underway, it'll take valour, courage and overwhelming power to achieve the desired objectives, luckily the German forces have created this top of the line elite force to handle this sort of job....
German Rear Guard Column
As the main German force retreats and prepares more defences, the rear guard will cover and intercept the Soviet forces. Completely prepared to stand to the last man, this German column is full of veteran units ready to get revenge...
German Waffen-SS Starter 1943-45 - 1000pt army
The most controversial and one of the most elite forces under the German banner, the Waffen-SS was equipped with the best equipment the German army could offer. They were often feared and resented by the Allied forces which certainly bloodied...
US Airborne 1500 point army (1944-1945)
Gather your men in this complete 1500 point airborne force, compiled from the upcoming Market Garden campaign book. This army includes new units such as the section of 3 airborne armoured jeeps and Dutch Resistance fighters to lead the way!...
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4th Marine Division, 1st Company 23rd Marine Regiment USMC
This set contains: 1 US Marines plastic box set 1 US Marine Corps HQ 2 USMC loose Sprues 2 USMC Bazooka, Sniper and Flamethrower teams 2 USMC 30 Cal MMG team firing 1 USMC 30 Cal MMG team redeploying 1...
USMC Island Defence Force 1500pt
The US Marine Corps bore the brunt of ferocious counter attacks throughout the Pacific campaign and we wanted to create a force that represented the defence of a recently taken island, and of course we wanted to include the hero...
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USMC Island Assault Force 1500pt
Two special Battalions, designated by order of the president as USMC Raiders, were formed in 1942 - hand picked, well trained, and highly motivated - they were well prepared when they first entered the fray on Makin Island at the...
Battle For Normandy German Defenders
The Allied forces have been sighted, bearing highly trained and specialised troops and equipment. Prepare your defences and don't give an inch to the enemy! This force contains everything you need to combat the invaders. This set contains: 6 x...

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