SPQR: 1000 Denarii Germanic Warband
Our Warband is based on a hefty core of savage warriors bearing down on their foes. The Warband is anchored by a large core of 26 warriors led by a hero to take advantage of both the Wild Charge and...
£120.00 £108.00
SPQR: Germania - Heroes
A chieftain or warlord of his tribe, the Germania hero has the respect of all those below him, having earned it with his sword and spear. In battle, the hero will be found where the fighting is at its most...
SPQR: Germania - Horsemen command
Provide extra boons to a cavalry unit with a musician and standard bearer - as well as an ideal alternative sculpt for representing a lightly armed mounted hero, showing off his superiority by displaying the severed head of a defeated...
SPQR: Germania - Horsemen
No less fierce than warriors on foot, the cavalry of the Germanic tribes tended to be used in hit and run attacks, striking enemies in the flank then chasing them down as they routed. They would avoid head-on charges into...
SPQR: Germania - Warriors Command
Contains a musician and standard bearer to provide combat bonuses to units of Warriors. A leader hoists his latest trophy, an ideal sculpt as an alternative hero for your force - potentially a supplementary lightly armed hero to lead the...
SPQR: Germania - Warriors
Each block of warriors in a Germanic warband would typically be related, by oath if not blood. This formed a tight cohesiveness, with warriors taking the deaths of those next to them somewhat personally. Their natural ferociousness combined with this...
SPQR: Germania - Tribesmen Archers
Too poor or too young to be considered true warriors, these men fan out before the warband, engaging enemy skirmishers with bow or javelins, whittling them down before the tribe’s warriors charge in to deliver the finishing blow. Includes 12...
SPQR: Germania - Skyclad Warriors
Like some warriors of other lands, some Germanic warriors chose to go into battle with scant protection; to demonstrate their utter fearlessness in combat. Such a sight can be daunting for a foe. In SPQR, Skyclad Warriors receive a bonus...
Dark Age Village Scenery Set
 Dark Age Village Scenery Set Contains: 4x buildings 1x cart Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Cart Set (3)
Seen throughout the ancient world be you a soldier, farmer or builder to move vast quantities of materials from A to B you'll need something more substantial than a slave with a strong back. these kits pulled by oxen or...
Celtic Roundhouse
NB. Roofing material not included. Laser cut 2mm MDF with Laser etched detail. Kit supplied unassembled and unpainted.
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