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Dawson Graham
Puts the 'Levy' in Last Levy

These sculpts have to be the best volkssturm you can get on the market. The poses and detail seen on these models shows how the titanic struggle people call the eastern front has put a toll on the German armies quality control. As you can see, HQ options and even one of the small 5 man groups you can field are either politcal officers or child soliders in place of more hearty men that lost their lives in the war.

The sculpts and poses included in this set is one-of-a-kind with old men given ancient bolt action rifles and sent into battle wearing thier work clothes that fight alongside the mish-mash army camoflauge and uniforms armed with make-shift rifles and molotov cocktails. Even the portly poltical officer you can field has an option of wearing a stalhelm instead of his peak cap, showing the true nature of volkssturm uniformity.

By far I had the most fun putting this box together and painting them up. My gratitude towards Warlord Games for providing such a niche fighting force that suits the name Volkssturm.

Danial Taylor
Fight with what you can!

Such a characterful box, I especially like 'fat Hitler'. If you collect Germans and want (need) something a bit more colourful to paint, this is a must addition.

Plus it has the gun that shoots around corners!


Daniel Paterson
Child soldiers, need I say more?

Arrived with all the pieces, it had good sculpts, and was what I ordered.