US Airborne starter army
From their role in the ill-fated Operation Market Garden to the crossing of the River Rhine and the push into the German homeland these battle-hardened fighting men have been immortalised in film and television. This great value boxed set gives...
US Airborne 1500 point army (1944-1945)
Gather your men in this complete 1500 point airborne force, compiled from the upcoming Market Garden campaign book. This army includes new units such as the section of 3 airborne armoured jeeps and Dutch Resistance fighters to lead the way!...
US Airborne 1000pt D-Day Invasion
Dropped from their C-47 Dakotas high above the Normandy countryside, the US Airborne found themselves helplessly scattered and separated deep behind enemy lines amid the hedgerow country of Normandy. They had to carry all of the necessary equipment - prepared...
US Airborne support group (1943-44)
This set contains: 1 x US Airborne HQ 1 x US Airborne Medium Machine Gun Team 1 x US Airborne Medium Mortar Team HQ American forces started the war with no experience of combat and often with minimal training. Once...
US Airborne plastic boxed set
The awesome new plastic US Airborne Late WWII Paratroopers are ready for Pre-Jump inspection. Containing 30-man plastic US Airborne Platoon with enough plastic components to make 30 US Airborne miniatures in M-1943 uniforms, plus a host of options to allow for different...
US Paratrooper Squad
St. Mère Eglisé. Carentan. Nijmegen. Bastogne. Actions that stir the blood and conjure images of highly-trained US paratroopers punching holes in the German lines in Normandy and later holding off overwhelming opposition in the Ardennes. These US Airborne models are ideal...
Sold Out
US Airborne Glider Platoon
Can't let the Brits and Germans have all the flying fun - grab this deal to get the New Waco CG-4A and a box set of 30 US Airborne Paratroopers! Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
£51.00 £48.50
US Airborne Squad (Winter)
Forever immortalised in the epic TV Series, Band of Brothers, the paratroopers of Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division were desperately pressed directly into the front lines during the surprise German offensive in the Ardennes in December...
US Airborne with looted German weapons (1944-45)
Sometimes weapons and equipment are lost in cargo, on the battlefield or simply left behind! Any soldier will make use of what they can get their hands on, and that includes turning the enemies weapons against their creators... The 82nd...
US Airborne Bazooka and 60mm light mortar teams
Pack contains 4 metal figures and 1 mortar. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those shown
US Airborne Bazooka & light mortar teams (1944-45)
The American Bazooka was first used in North Africa and on Tarawa in November 1942. The final version was longer (1.55m) and improved the range from 200-250 yards to 300 yards. The M6 HEAT rocket could easily penetrate 76mm of...
US Airborne 30 Cal MMG team firing
Pack contains 3 metal figures. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
US Airborne 30 Cal MMG team redeploying
Pack contains 3 metal figures. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
US Airborne HMG team (1944-45)
The Browning M2HB .50cal was undoubtedly one of the best HMGs of World War II. It is still used today. It was renowned for its penetration capacity, as its heavy bullets could go right through the armour of half-tracks, armoured...
US Airborne medium mortar team (1944-45)
In the American army, the role of medium mortar was fulfilled by the 81mm calibre M1 mortar. The mortar was the biggest killer of infantrymen throughout the war. An average crew could fire a dozen bombs in a minute. Compared...
US Airborne 57mm anti-tank gun (1944-45)
The 57mm M1 anti-tank gun was a close copy of the British QF 6pdr which was itself also used by some American units. The M1 originally fired an armoured-piercing shell weighing 2.272kg but this soon proved to be insufficient to...
US Airborne Sprue
The price is for a single plastic sprue Supplied unpainted
US Airborne Weapons Team conversion pack A (Sniper, Bazooka, Officer)
This set contains everything you need to convert enough figures into your Sniper, Bazooka, or officer teams. These packs are an excellent opportunity to experiment and individualize your teams and your army look! Check out this article from Andy Singleton...
£13.00 £10.00
US Airborne hand carts
Responsible for carrying the platoon's supplies for their deployment, these carts were essential for Allied Airbornes' ability to answer any upcoming threat. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
US Airborne support group (1944-45)
Re-equipped with the new M43 uniform following the D-Day landings the US Airborne were ready to tack some of their greatest challenges of the war - Operation Market Garden and the Ardennes Offensive. Airborne units relied heavily on the support...
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