US Airborne 1500 point army (1944-1945)
Gather your men in this complete 1500 point airborne force, compiled from the upcoming Market Garden campaign book. This army includes new units such as the section of 3 airborne armoured jeeps and Dutch Resistance fighters to lead the way!...
US Airborne 1000pt D-Day Invasion
Dropped from their C-47 Dakotas high above the Normandy countryside, the US Airborne found themselves helplessly scattered and separated deep behind enemy lines amid the hedgerow country of Normandy. They had to carry all of the necessary equipment - prepared...
US Army Characters (Winter)
These three stalwarts of the US Army & Airborne upheld their units honour in the worst of conditions. Now you can field them in your company of heroes and take on your enemies knowing your troops are in good hands....
US Airborne support group (1943-44)
This set contains: 1 x US Airborne HQ 1 x US Airborne Medium Machine Gun Team 1 x US Airborne Medium Mortar Team HQ American forces started the war with no experience of combat and often with minimal training. Once...
US Airborne HQ
Pack contains 4 metal figures - 2 officers, 1 medic and 1 spotter. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those shown
US Airborne HQ (1944-45)
Trained to a very high standard and with extensive combat experience, the American airborne forces were highly-motivated and performed very effectively throughout the Market Garden operation. Lead your troops into combat with exceptional leadership executed by the Airborne officers in...
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