SPQR - 1000 Denarii Macedonian Mounted Warband
Warlorder Dan has constructed this 1000 Denarii mounted Macedonian force. This army is extremely capable in close quarters; should any mounted unit inflict heavier casualties during a turn in which they charged than their opponent, they will receive a free...
SPQR: Macedonia - Heroes
To lead your force, you'll need a suitably capable hero. As well as a generic hero on foot that you can develop in a campaign however you like, this set includes three renowned heroes of legend. These heroes are a...
SPQR: Macedonia - Royal Guard command
Enhance the effectiveness of your Royal Guard with command elements. The musician can inspire the unit to greater feats once per game and a standard provides a reliable anchor point for will-to-fight checks. The hero is an ideal leader for...
SPQR: Macedonia - Royal Guard
The Royal Guard (also known as Hypaspists) were light infantry but very much the elite of foot troops in Warbands of Macedonia. Skilled at irregular warfare, they could not only fight in a phalanx but also hit the enemy on...
SPQR: Macedonia - Macedonian Cataphract command
If you have a cavalry-centric force, you'll need a mighty mounted hero to lead it! This boxed set also contains a standard and musician. Contains 3 cavalry miniatures in new Warlord Resin Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
SPQR: Macedonia - Macedonian Cataphracts
You can upgrade Macedonian Hetairoi into heavily armoured cavalry, known as cataphracts. A cataphract is a heavily armoured warrior that will prove very difficult to unsaddle. Though more cumbersome than some cavalry, due to their barded steeds and cuirasses, a...
SPQR: Macedonia - Pezhetairoi command
The command elements of a Pezhetairoi unit can greatly improve their fortunes in battle. This boxed set includes a hero, musician and standard-bearer. Contains 3 miniatures in Warlord Resin Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
SPQR: Macedonia - Pezhetairoi
The Pezhetairoi (Foot Companions) built upon the success of the Greek phalanx – and improved it. Deeper formations were used, along with the sarissa, a pike much longer than the spears used by the city-states. Whereas the phalanx was the...
SPQR: Macedonia - Thureophoroi
The Thureophoroi were a variation on the common Peltast, though equipped with heavier weaponry. They filled the gap between the light Peltast and the might of a phalanx. Box includes musician and standard-bearer. Contains 12 miniatures in new Warlord Resin...
SPQR: Macedonia - Thorakatai
A variation of the Thureophoroi also developed, known as the Thorakitai – equipped similarly but wearing strong armour. They can also form a makeshift phalanx. Box includes musician and standard-bearer. Contains 12 miniatures in new Warlord Resin Models supplied unassembled...
SPQR: Macedonia - Hetairoi Cavalry
The Companion Cavalry were regarded in Alexander’s time as the best heavy horse units in the ancient world. They pioneered many new tactics including the famous wedge. A unit of Hetairoi bearing down on weak infantry could smash the enemy...
SPQR: Macedonia - War Elephant
Alexander was the first European to face war elephants in battle and, after defeating the Persians at the Battle of Gaugamela, became impressed enough by their potential that he incorporated them into his army. A War Elephant makes for a...
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