Dry Stone Walls
Set contains 6 resin unpainted pieces.
Engineering set
Set contains 7 metal unpainted pieces.
Factory Set 1
Set contains 15 resin unpainted pieces.
Great British Icons (WWII) - Police, Telephone and Pillar boxes
Fill your battlefields with iconic British objects - the Police, Telephone and Pillar boxes. An absolute must have for any British battlefield, providing key communication hubs for your local defence volunteers. Models supplied unpainted
Oil Barrel dump
Pack contains 1 resin oil barrel dump. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Sandbag Emplacement
 This pack contains a sandbag emplacement. Great for your mortars and HMG teams and anyone else who'd rather not get shot.  
Sold Out
Warehouse Set 1
Set contains 9 resin unpainted pieces.
Warehouse Set 2
Set contains 11 resin unpainted pieces.
Warlord Games Terrain Set - Stone Walls
A battlefield in a box! Cover is of utmost importance in a game. This set provides you with: 8 x Straight Stone Wall sections 4 x Stone Wall Corner sections  2 x Stone Wall sections with Gates Walls supplied unpainted...
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