Early Imperial Romans: Marching Legionaries Column
In an attempt to reduce the baggage train following Legions on the march the General Marius decreed trhat Legionaries would be responsible for carrying much of their own equipment. Equipping them with yokes they quickly became known as Marius' Mules....
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Macro and Cato
  SPECIAL EDITION MACRO AND CATO UNDER THE EAGLE    It is 42 AD, and Cato has just arrived in Germany as a new recruit to the tough Second Legion. Cato is assigned to the unit of Centurion Macro -...
Roman Army on Campaign upgrade set
1 x Imperial Roman Engineers 10 x Sudes Spike sprues 1 x Imperial Roman Sentries 10 x Palisade Walls 1 x Imperial Roman Medicus 1 x Roman Travelling Coach 20 x Leather Covered Scutum 2 x Roman Carts 5 x...
Stone Animal Enclosure
A dry stone animal enclosure to keep your livestock safe and well. This resin animal pen can be used for settings over hundreds of years and will give your terrain collection a lot of flexibility.Miniatures shown for scale only and...
Stone Bridge
This lovely resin stone bridge can be used for settings over hundreds of years and will give your terrain collection a lot of flexibility - from Napoleonics to WWII and from Pike & Shotte to the wars of the 18th...
Successor Starter Army
A Perfect balance of core strength, fast cavalry, and a hard hitting elephant regiment. This starter set can be used to represent forces for the Seleucid (mid 3rd-2nd centuries BC), Ptolemaic (mid 3rd-1st centuries BC), or the Pyrrhic (late 3rd...
Successor War Elephant Regiment
The armies of Alexander the Great encountered elephants in the armies of their enemies – the Persians and Indians. The Macedonian King was sufficiently impressed by these exotic beasts to raise an elephant corps for his own army. After Alexander’s...
Wooden Fence pack (4)
This pack contains 4 unpainted Wooden fence sections - Saving you £2 on buying them individually.
Wooden Fence Section
Wooden fence section to fit on your gaming table for either your World War II games or any other time period. Pack contains fence one section and is supplied unpainted. Figures for scale and not included.
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