Russian Line Infantry 1809-1814
Despite, or quite possibly, because of, the harsh conditions they were brought up in, the Russian soldier was stubborn, resilient and unflinching. The Russian infantryman played decisive roles in each of the great battles against the French and their allies...
Napoleonic Wars: Russian Line Infantry (1812-1815) plastic boxed set
The infantry formed the backbone of all armies in the Napoleonic Wars, but no army relied more on its humble private foot soldier than that of Imperial Russia. Brave, stubborn and resilient they had to cope with poor conditions, worse...
Napoleonic Wars: Pavlovsk Grenadier Regiment 1789-1815
Following their distinguished performance at the Battle of Friedland in 1807 Russia's Pavlovsk's Grenadier Regiment was granted the honour of keeping their mitre-caps and inducted into the Imperial Guard. Here we have these distinguished troops ready for you to induct...
Sold Out
Napoleonic Wars: Russian Casualty Markers 1789-1815
 After you have played your first few games of Black Powder you'll know just how many casualties you need to show stamina. These handy, fun die-cut casualty markers in the shape of  Russian Flags, Shako's, Drums, Cannon barrels and broken/intact wagon...
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