Dead Livestock
 We had so many requests for these that we could not resist to get these models made. In the pack you will get 2 dead cows and a dead horse, they have been dead for some time hence the stiff legs...
Flock of Sheep
Baaaa! Useful for representing sheep on the battlefield. These aren't quite as cuddly as the real thing but do have the advantage of fitting in your figure case. They also won't ruin your lawn. This pack provides you with six...
German D-Day Defenders
£69.00 £62.50
German D-Day Defenders
Deal contains the following: 3 x WW Europe Machine Gun Bunker 1 x Anti-Tank Obstacles plastic boxed set 1 x German Grenadiers plastic boxed set 1 x German Heer 81mm medium mortar team (1943-45) plus 1 x German Officer (binocs) FREE! and 1 x German...
£69.00 £62.50
Water Cart
This is the ubiquitous water cart as found in service for many hundreds of years.Whether you are refighting battles set during the Napoleonic Wars, Anglo0-Zulu War or right up to the 20th Century this cart will be ideal to enhance...
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