Finnish Konflikt Starter Force
Revitalised by the SS forces, the Finns have returned with vengeance against their Soviet Union foes. Empowered by German ideology and technology, the Finns will now stop at nothing to crush their enemies. Crush Stalin and his men! This bundle...
£143.00 £129.00
Sd.Kfz 234/X Puma
The highly advanced SdKfz 234 series of armoured cars are an obvious platform on which to place the latest advances from the German Rift-tech workshops in Dresden. As refinements to the schwerefeld projektor continue to be made, its use on...
Recognised as highly versatile by the senior officers that appraised its early performance, the Schwerefeld Projektor had a reasonable anti-tank capability, a higher rate of fire than a traditional gun and a latent gravity field that restricted free movement. However,...
Panther-X with light rail gun
The versatile and highly effective Panther tank has been upgraded with a modernised and field tested Schwerefeld Projector to create a well-armed and armoured medium tank. The Panther’s versatility has also led to it being fielded with the latest Rift-tech...
King Tiger-X with heavy rail gun
Whilst production of the Tiger II remains limited and has been further curtailed by resources diverted to the heavy panzermech programme, the tank remains a highly potent vehicle. As rift-tech developments have led to newer and more potent weapon systems,...
Italian Stuart-T Tesla Tank
Italy’s demands for armoured vehicles was both passionate and excessive, but the Allies quickly recognised that if they were to release forces from Italy, they needed to arm the Italians. Numerous M3 Stuarts were available to transfer to Italy, and...
The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada’s Walker Platoon
Picked for a special assignment and assigned a new commanding officer, who seems to be hiding a secret, Sergeant Alex ‘The Shrew’ Mackenzie commands her crew in their Grizzly named Winnie into danger time and again to prove her worth......
£191.00 £150.00
Cromwell with Tesla Cannon
With Europe suffering the worst winter in memory, military activity slows to a crawl. Air operations struggle to have any impact and the Germans take advantage of the weather to consolidate their positions. At night, German and American super-soldiers conduct...
Churchill Meteor
In a bid to utilise more Rift-technology in enhanced combat power, a relatively minor line of development inadvertently spawned the Meteor Rocket and subsequently its tank-mounted launcher. The discovery of a metal degrading enzyme that could rapidly degrade armour plate...
M8A3 Tesla Scout
When the scientists leading the Rift-tech Tesla weapons programme offered the US military a lighter and smaller version of the Tesla cannon that had been so successful on the Sherman chassis, the military leapt at the opportunity. The addition of...
M4A9-T Sherman with Tesla Cannon
As US scientists struggled to perfect the first weaponised application of Rift-tech knowledge, much effort was devoted to an enhanced weapon capable of defeating heavy German and Soviet armoured vehicles. After much trial and error, the Tesla Cannon was fielded...
Soviet T34/ZP
In the north, the Soviets maintain pressure on the Germans with fighting heaviest around the embattled city of Warsaw. The intensity of the fighting effectively renders the city uninhabited, but its symbolism as Poland's capital means neither Hitler or Stalin...
Konflikt 47 Japanese Starter Set
June 1947. The Imperial Japanese Army is consolidating its position after almost 16 years of war, first with China, then in a brief struggle with the Soviet Union and later against the US and British Commonwealth. With major gains on...
Konflikt '47 Japanese Expansion Force
The starter set is merely a taste of what is to come, the Japanese are looking to completely secure their place within the world alongside Germany and Finland. With vigour and tenacity, the Japanese set forth their second wave of...
£148.00 £134.00
Chi-Ha medium tank with compression turret
The advent of Rift-technology, however, has allowed Japan to close the gap in some areas. Although increasing industrial capacity hasn’t been easy, the study of the Rift messages provided by Germany has allowed Japan to create a family of rapid...
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