Wars of the Roses: Infantry (1455-1487) plastic boxed set
The box contains 40 plastic 28mm infantry figures (i.e. bodies, 14 different), including four fully armoured command and enough parts to build up to 18 billmen (i.e. pairs of arms with polearms) and up to 30 archers (i.e. pairs of...
Foot Knights 1450-1500
The fully armoured Knight or Man at Arms formed the backbone of all European medieval armies, often fighting on foot when the need arose. This box builds 38 armoured men, with weapon options including poleaxes, pole hammers, single-handed and hand...
Wars of the Roses: Mounted Men-at-Arms (1450-1500) plastic boxed set
This box contains 12 mounted Men at Arms that can be used for most European armies. There is seperate horse armour for mounts if needed and 7 different horse heads (25 in total). The Men at Arms have 14 right arm options...
English Army 1415-1429
The figures in this box represent the English Army at the height of the Hundred Years War, when the English bowmen dominated the field of battle in France. Specifically the figures cover the period from the Battle of Agincourt (in...
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Agincourt French Infantry
The French king of the time, Charles VI, suffered from severe mental illness so instead, the French were commanded by the Constable Charles d’Albret and various prominent French noblemen, Many of whom would not live to see the day end.Estimates...
Wars of the Roses: Mercenaries - European Infantry (1450-1500) plastic boxed set
This new box contains 40 multi-part figures which can be assembled as pikemen (up to 18), crossbowmen (up to 12) and handgunners (up to 12 models) as well as command. It includes 12 european polearm heads which are designed to...
Wars of the Roses: Light Cavalry (1450-1500) plastic boxed set
The box contains 12 plastic horsemen that can be assembled with light lances, crossbows or as mounted archers. It also contains parts for command figures, banners and historical information. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Agincourt Foot Knights
With a mere 112 dead, and an unknown number wounded, Henry’s exhausted English defeated the French against all odds, whose estimated casualties were 7,000–10,000 (mostly killed) and 1,500 noble prisoners. A truly unbelievable number historically attributing to the myth of...
Medieval Cottage (1300-1700) plastic boxed set
This new plastic kit enables you to build a medieval, thatched, cruck frame Medieval cottage with working doors and also includes 75cm of wattle fencing plus an animal shelter/wood shed. Great for games set in as wide a period as...
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Mounted Agincourt Knights 1415-29
This box contains 12 superbly detailed plastic mounted European Knights, of which six can be made as light cavalry (mounted archers or sergeants). Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Mounted Agincourt Knights 1415-29 Bundle
For those who will need to recreate the mighty battles across France 1415 - 1429 this bundle is for you! It contains a total of 36 mounted European Knights, giving you a great mix of heavy and light cavalry, including...
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