Caesarian Roman Starter Army
Contains: 96 plastic Romans 1 mounted officer 1 officer on foot 1 Scorpion & crew Full-colour waterslide shield transfers and bases Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Ancient Britons: Mastiffs Pack
Want to add ferocious Mastiffs to your Britons?  Look no further - this pack contains 5 random metal houndsNote: models are supplied unpainted
80mm metal Pikes (40)
  Sick of your models looking like they are wielding telegraph poles instead of pikes? Well, look no further - these 80mm long metal pikes are not only more accurate dimensionally but are very tough to boot! This pack contains...
Early Imperial Romans: Roman General and Warhound
Accompanied by his faithful warhound this general is the perfect centrepiece for any Roman army.            At my signal, unleash hell!  Contains one metal general and hound.  Supplied unpainted
Flock of Sheep
Baaaa! Useful for representing sheep on the battlefield. These aren't quite as cuddly as the real thing but do have the advantage of fitting in your figure case. They also won't ruin your lawn. This pack provides you with six...
Caesarians Pullo and Vorenus, Heroes of Rome
Pullo and Vorenus are two names that many of you will be familiar with from the television series Rome. In the series, the two main characters are Centurion Lucius Vorenus and Legionary Titus Pullo. What you may not know is that...
Early Imperial Romans: Mounted Roman General and Warhound
After the phenomenal success of our Unleash Hell! Roman General on Foot and Hound we now present a mounted Roman General and Warhound, charging forward to the enemy lines…Accompanied by his faithful warhound this general is the perfect centrepiece for any Roman...
Early Imperial Romans: Primus Pilus
The Legion’s first cohort was, at 800 men, larger than the others and led by the primus pilus – a career soldier and advisor to the legate himself. He was the Legion's senior Centurion and outranked by only a handful...
Ancient Celts: Warhound Pack
Want to add more slavering hounds for your Dog Handler to unleash? Look no further - this pack contains 5 random metal WarhoundsSaves you 25p against buying them separatelyNote: models are supplied unpainted
Myrmillo Gladiator
Contains 1 metal model   Supplied unpainted
50mm metal Spears (50)
Sick of your models looking like they are wielding telegraph poles instead of spears? Well, look no further - these 50mm long metal spear are not only more accurate dimensionally but are very tough to boot! This pack contains 50...
Early Imperial Romans: Praetorian Cavalry Regiment
 Formed by the first Emperor, Augustus in the hope that he would be protected from the fate of his illustrious forebear, Julius Caesar, the Praetorian Guard were the Emperor's Elite bodyguard and also policed the city of Rome.Originally the cavalry...
Early Imperial Romans: Officers
The perfect complement to your army of plastic and metal Legionaries, Auxiliaries and war machines, these two finely-detailed miniatures will sit proudly behind your battleline directing your troops to victory! There was little discernable difference between the equipment of a...
Early Imperial Romans: Optios
Second in command to the Centurion in a Century the Optio was an important post for Legionary or auxiliary to aspire to. Wielding their trademark staff which would have been used to dress the ranks as much as for a...
Ancient Celts: Druids
A combination of priest, healer, scholar and spiritualist, the Druids inspired loyalty and great feats of arms in their Celtic charges. The Romans hated and feared the Druids in equal measure, singling the Druids out as public enemy number one...
Early Imperial Romans: Auxiliaries Boxed Set
Auxiliaries is a term used to describe non-native soldiers in Roman service. The term nowadays can almost be read as pejorative, but the auxiliaries of Imperial Rome were hard fighting men! Well-equipped and well-trained these men, sometimes from quite diverse...
Early Imperial Romans: Legionary Command
With any self-respecting Roman general fielding multiple units of legionaries it's only natural we provide even more variety to the command models in the plastic boxed set. These highly detailed models represent a highly decorated centurion with vinestick under arm...
Celt Fanatic command
Pack contains 3 metal foot figuresNote: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Ancient British Warriors
There can be few more characterful people than the ancient Britons. With their trademark spikey limed hair, magnificently droopy moustaches and painted with woad battle-markings they were as colourful and they were ferocious. The British, who still favoured the chariots...
Roman Standards
We're constantly asked for more Roman standards to be made available and your wish is our command! This pack contains four different types of standard with which you can equip your Legion or use them to decorate your terrain. Also...
Early Imperial Romans: Auxiliary cavalry with spears Regiment
Anyone who's seen the film Gladiator can envision the devastating impact a Roman regiment can bring to an enemy formation (those Germans were far from pleased). Now you can add your own units of hard-hitting Imperial Roman horsemen to your...
Early Imperial Romans: Sentries
This pack contains: 4 Sentries 4 shields and four metal heads
Early Imperial Romans: Western Auxiliary Archers Regiment
Clad in their trademark chain mail these auxiliary archers are from the western provinces of the Roman Empire. The Western Archers Regiment contains 16 random metal models. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Imperial Roman casualties
Making the ultimate sacrifice for Rome, these unfortunate Legionaries and Auxiliaries aren’t in a good way!  An ideal addition to your scenic bases and to add an extra level of character to your battlefield This set contains a random selection...
Early Imperial Romans: Pack Mule
Each contubernia of 8 men would be served by two mules laden with their leather tent, tools, cooking equipment and a variety of weapons and spare equipment. This model is ideal as part of a baggage train, for those little...
Ancient Britons: Mastiff Packmaster
The Ancient Britons not only used Mastiffs for hunting but they also played an important role on the battlefield. Packs of Mastiffs would be unleashed to unsettle the enemy and also to knock horsemen from their saddles so that the Ancient British warriors could despatch them...
Ancient Celts: Linebreakers!
At the fore of an attack would come the Celt Linebreakers. These brave (foolish?) men would run forward armed with their swords and spears and disrupt the enemy battleline by jumping over shields and making a hole in the enemy...
Early Imperial Romans: Ballista
 With the absorption of the Greek states into the Roman Republic in 146BC the highly advanced Greek military technology started to find its way into the Roman military - chief amongst these was the Ballista, a stone-throwing siege engine. After...
Caesarian Roman scorpion
Pack contains 2 metal figures plus 1 metal support weapon. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Early Imperial Romans: Onager
Woe betide enemies of Rome who thought themselves safe behind their stockade, earthern rampart or high stone wall.All the fortifications in the world would count for naught when the Roman legions brought up their migty war engines. Chief amongst them...

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