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Bolt Action Force Builder
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British Commandos HQ
Striking from the sea, most often from the dark, the army and naval Commandos caused great apprehension to German sentries and garrisons all over occupied Europe in their daring hit and run raids. The brainchild of Winston Churchill himself who...
Commando Vickers K LMG teams
By their nature as specialist raiders, Commandos go to battle lightly equipped in terms of weaponry. However, they made good use of Vickers K machine guns - formerly aircraft-mounted machine guns - with their high rate of suppressive fire. These...
British Commando Vickers MMG Team
Whilst the Commandoes did a lot of raiding and slitting of German sentry’s throats in WW2, they also fought in epic pitched battles requiring some proper heavy kit to make Jerry and his henchmen keep his head down! This then is the Vickers...
British Commando 3" Mortar Team
 When the Vickers gun couldn’t get a bead on the Boche, the good old 3” mortar was brought into action lobbing its lethal shells high before whistling down to spray shrapnel on those not able to find cover in time. The three inch...
British Commando Characters
Lord Lovat was one of those characters you couldn’t make up. Tall, handsome and brave, he was born to the task of command, being in fact a Highland Laird. It was Lord Lovat who famously fought his way in land on D-Day to...
British Stowage Pack
Pack contains 5 metal sprues. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Stowage pack - tarps and rolls
Pack contains 3 metal sprues of stowage as shown in the image. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
British Stowage and Damage Markers
Contains British stowage and vehicle damage markers
Tarps and Rolls and Damage Markers
Contains Tarps and Rolls and vehicle damage markers
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US/Allied LVT-4 "Buffalo" Amtrac
The Landing Vehicle Tracked (LVT) was a small amphibious landing craft, introduced by the United States Navy, Marine Corps and Army during World War II. The LVT-4 Buffalo was by far the most numerous version, with over 8,000 vehicles produced....
Commandos support group
This set contains: 1 x Commando HQ 1 x Forward observer 1 x Commando Medium Machine Gun Team 1 x Commando Medium Mortar Team HQ The middle ranks of officers were almost invariably drawn from the upper-middle classes: educated in...
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