Black Powder Epic Battles: Hedges
This scenery pack contains a selection of hedge sections perfectly scaled for Black Powder Epic Battles - whether your chosen battlefield hosts the American Civil War, the Hundred Days Campaign, or any other wars that the Epic Battles range touches......
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Black Powder Epic Battles - Waterloo: Plancenoit Scenery Pack
The village of Plancenoit saw bitter hand-to-hand fighting and close quarters carnage as von Bülow's Prussian IV Korps entered the fray at Waterloo. Will your French army wrestle back control of this key strategic position for the Emperor or will...
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Black Powder Epic Battles - Waterloo: Papelotte Farm Scenery Pack
Can you succeed where Napoleon Bonaparte's French Army failed? Can you capture the farm at Papelotte from the Allied garrison before the Prussians enter the field during the battle of Waterloo, or will your valiant Nassau defenders see off the...
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