Ghar Outcast squad
Ghar Outcasts are the most pitiful dregs of Ghar society. They are the lowest of the low; retaining no status and pressed into the most menial and most dangerous tasks. The Outcasts are armed with crude Lugger Guns, and are...
Ghar Outcast Disruptor Cannon
For some extra firepower, Ghar outcasts use a powered walker equipped with a core disruptor cannon. It requires an Outcast crew to operate, much to their dismay!  It is an extremely crude weapon - but this suits the Ghar mentality...
Ghar Outcast Rebel Squad
The Ghar Outcast Rebel Army, lead by Fartok has to rely on what they can capture, repair or fabricate using the modest resources available to them. This has resulted in a force with a wide variety of troops and equipment,...
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