The Red Horde of the Soviet Army used weight of numbers to overpower the enemy - tirelessly throwing wave after wave at the enemy from the beginning of what’s known as the Great Patriotic War - to the end of the war in Europe with the surrender of Germany.

The Soviet Union had the largest army in the world at the beginning of the German-led invasion - with factories back in the Motherland cranking out tanks and equipment night and day to feed the Soviet war machine.

However, the utilitarian design of the T34 proved no match for the German Panzers that had brought Europe to its knees - and it was only after 4 years of bitter fighting, unthinkable hardship and incalculable determination that the Soviet Union eventually emerged victorious over the German invaders.

Soviet Reinforced Platoon  
Regular Junior Lieutenant 50pts
Regular LMG Squad 120pts
Two Soldiers take an LMG 40pts
Regular SMG Squad 120 pts
Every soldier takes an SMG 36pts
Inexperienced Commissar 15pts
Veteran Medic 30pts
Inexperienced Free Rifle Squad (12 man) 0pts
Every soldier has anti-tank grenades for 0pts
Regular Sniper Team 50pts
Regular Anti-Tank Rifle team 30pts
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