The Fallschirmjäger - German paratroopers - were considered one of the elite German fighting units of the second world war. They were known as 'The Green Devils' due to their tenacious fighting spirit - as seen during countless episodes such as their assault upon the fortress at Eben Emael, Crete, raiding behind American lines in the Ardennes, and holding the monastery at Monte Cassino for months in the face of overwhelming odds.

German Reinforced Platoon
Veteran Second Lieutenant 65pts
Additional soldier 13pts
Veteran Fallschirmjäger squad (8 man) 112pts
Every Soldier has an Assault Rifle 40pts
Veteran Fallschirmjäger squad (10 man) 140pts
Two soldiers take and LMG 40pts
Veteran Medic 30pts
Regular Medium Mortar team 60 pts
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