The 8th Army was a British unit comprising troops from throughout the British Empire and Commonwealth. They first went into battle to relieve the besieged city of Tobruk, and their actions would prove pivotal at a number of key battles throughout the North African and Italian campaigns - including the battles for El Alamein and on through Libya and into Tunisia - and took part in the invasion of Sicily and up through Italy.

Using the support from their Valentine tanks, M3 Grants, Crusaders, Morris Armoured Cars, and mobility from M5 halftracks and Bedford trucks, the 8th Army is a force to be reckoned with upon the tabletop in Bolt Action - the historical World War II wargame.

British Reinforced Platoon
British Reinforced Platoon  
Second Lieutenant 65pts
Additional Soldier 13pts
Veteran Infantry Section (10 man) 130pts
NCO takes an SMG 3pts
One Soldier takes an SMG 3pts
Veteran infantry section (10 man) 130pts
One Soldier takes an LMG 20pts
Veteran Medic 30pts
Regular Forward Artillery Observer 0pts
Additional soldier 10pts
Veteran Light Mortar Team 46pts
Veteran Anti-Tank rifle team 39pts
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