18/25pdr Gun Limber and Guy Ant truck tow (BEF)
18/25pdr Gun and Limber - Light Artillery The standard British field gun of World War II was the 25-pdr gun-howitzer, a versatile weapon with a calibre of 3.45 inches (87.6mm). This was the weapon used in overwhelming numbers in every...
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Armadillo MkIII
Armadillos were improvised armoured self-propelled guns based on any available lorry chassis for airfield defence. The ‘armour’ consisted of wood and/or steel plates lined with gravel. The Mark I and II were armed with two Lewis Guns mounted in an...
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Bolt Action Force Builder
Build your army from the selections available to you in the drop down boxes. Add text here! **You will get up to a 15% Discount based on the choices made below**
British Early Tank Attack Force (MkVI & A10)
Fighting for peace in Europe, Britain stands tall against the imposing German threat. Fighting alongside the French, Polish and Belgians, the British Expeditionary Force leads the charge. Utilise British tanks like the Vickers VIC and the A10 Cruiser to stop...
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British Expeditionary Force 1940
To Commemorate Dunkirk, 26 May - 4 June 1940, and in preparation for the Bolt Action Summer Campaign 'Invasion Of Britain' we bring you a series of Bolt Action Armies flavoured to depict these heroic men, of all nationalities, that...
Guy Ant Truck
15CWT TRUCKS These smaller trucks are the equivalent size to a US ¾-ton vehicle and they perform the same kind of roles as weapons carriers and general-purpose utility vehicles. The Guy Ant, Morris CS8 and its replacement the C4 are...
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