Swedish Leather Gun
The leather cannon, or leather gun, was designed from the desire to build a light and cost effective weapon that would help fill the gap between the portable musket an the more static heavy cannons in use at the time....
Scots Saker Cannon
Due to popular demand we've spliced together the Scottish crew from our great little Frame Gun and the  Saker cannon to give you a Scottish Saker! The Saker was the mainstay of the artillery park. Large and fearsome enough to...
Scots Multi-barrelled Frame Gun
Scotland might not have been one of the richest lands in Europe, but when its well organised army marched to war, it went well equipped with artillery in quantity and in many forms. The Frame gun was a Scots favourite....
Scots Frame Gun with Mule
The Scots Covenanters fielded a huge array of artillery, ranging from huge siege pieces to tiny mobile "murderers" or frame guns. These are simple, small barrels attached to a sturdy wooden supporting frame, hence the name. Crewed by a just...
Saker Cannon
The Saker was the mainstay of the artillery park. Large and fearsome enough to pound the enemy in the field and also manageable (just!) so that it could arrive on the battlefield. We forget today that 350 years ago in...
Plastic Gabions (20)
Gabions are military fortifications made from wickerwork in the shape of large round cages with open tops and bottoms, Early examples were most commonly used to protect field artillery gunners and could be stood on end, staked in position, and...
Pike & Shotte Starter Battalia Expansion Set
Set contains: Pike & Shotte Command Harquebusiers boxed set Pike & Shotte light gun Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Pike & Shotte Ordnance Battery
It was a rare thing for a general in the 17th Century to take to the field without an artillery train to intimidate and pulverise the enemy lines. These cannon and mortars were terrifying weapons, belching smoke and flames with...
Pike & Shotte Mortar
There were few more terrifying weapons in the 17th Century than the fearsome blast of the mortar bomb. Employed largely at sieges, mortars spat their fizzing, hissing shells high into the air clearing the tallest walls or towers to crash...
Pike & Shotte light gun
Pack contains 1 metal gun and 3 metal crew figures. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Pike & Shotte Engineer Working Party
It was not all marching and fighting in 17th century armies. Roads were normally appalling and needed to be  mended, widened or drained. Bridges needed building, repairing, strengthening or demolishing. Houses, great and small could be made into strongpoints by loop holing...
Demi-culverin cannon
Add more devastating firepower to your Pike & Shotte army with this menacing Demi-culverin. This new gun and crew are ideals for sieges or simply breaking up your opponents battleline. Pack contains 4 metal figures & 1 metal gun Note:...
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