Konflikt 47: Soviet Heavy Infantry Mk II
Although the early heavy infantry armour fielded by the Soviets was both effective and functional, it was clear there was room to improve the design. Initial trials to convert the existing design to a more anti-infantry role were of limited...
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Konflikt 47: Soviet armoured infantry officer Mk II
The latest armour to be issued to heavy infantry units is designed to be more versatile than the first early copies of Allied and German Rift-technology. The need for officers to be at the spearhead of attacks has ensured that...
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Konflikt 47 USMC army list PDF
As the battle for the Pacific draws on, the attrition suffered by the USMC and accompanying Army units has caused concern amongst senior officers. There is a realisation that well equipped, elite forces are going to be needed to capture...
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Konflikt 47: Zeus-X with heavy rail gun
The Zeus panzermech was built to operate as a tank hunter in difficult terrain or to assist the Thor panzermechs in reaching their urban targets. Unsuited to the urban role, once the Thors were delivered to the target, the Zeus...
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