2 x US Heavy Infantry FE01 Blast Helmet
As the dangers of war increase, so does the need to increase the level of protection of our troops to give them a fighting chance. The blast helmet allows heavy infantry to shrug off close encounters with enemy ordnance and keep...
2 x US Heavy Infantry Gasmask helmet
The gas masks protect them from barbaric chemical concoctions cruelly made to make any man suffer. Consists of two sprues with five heads on each. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
US Firefly Jump Infantry
Using revolutionary jump-packs, Firefly infantry are drawn from the Paratroopers and specialise in rapid advances to take ground, waiting for conventional infantry and armour to relieve them. The US army tactical doctrine placed great emphasis on firepower and mobility, and...
Tesla AT Gun (US Army crew)
The Tesla cannon being deployed on a Sherman chassis, research continued into miniaturising and enhancing he clearly potent technology –in particular the size of the power packs needed to generate sufficient charge. Infantry versions were workable for far lower power...
US Tesla AT Gun
With production of Rift technology Tesla cannons steadily increasing, the US Army looked at other ways of getting this battle-winning technology on the frontline. Engineers looked to place a full-sized cannon onto an anti-tank gun mount. Trials proved successful with...
Allied Coyote/Guardian Light Walker
Since its introduction in late 1945, the Coyote has served with distinction in all theatres and environments. Manouverable, well-armed, and mechanically reliable the Coyote has proven adaptable to any combat role, from recce to urban assault. Armed with 2 fists,...
M5 A2 Coyote Light Walker Platoon
Since its introduction in late 1945, the Coyote has served with distinction in all theatres and environments. Manouverable, well-armed, and mechanically reliable the Coyote has proven adaptable to any combat role, from recce to urban assault. Armed with 2 fists...
US Jackal Walker
This box contains: Enough resin and metal to create one Jackal A breakthrough in the power of repulsor pods led to first the Jackal and then the Mudskipper walkers, built to keep up with fast moving jump infantry. The M5A5 Jackal...
US M3A2 Pondskater scout walker
As the US Army fought the Germans in France, their reconnaissance forces had to rapidly refine their skills in the face of experienced German opposition. The demand for an agile walker led to the creation of the M3A2 Pondskater. Designed...
Allied Grizzly Medium Walker
M8 Grizzly Medium Assault Walker the first truly practical walker designed using Rift technology; the Grizzly is a watchword in rugged and practical design. Armed with the proven 75mm gun and a .50 HMG, the Grizzly is versatile and adaptable....
US Kodiak Walker
As the US developed walker tactics for regiments of Grizzly and Bruin walkers it became apparent that an antiaircraft capability was required; wheeled and tracked systems were unable to coordinate with the walkers in urban or close terrain. The Kodiak...
US Bruin Assault Walker
The Grizzly works well in most situations but when it comes to heavy defences, or when confronted by heavier tanks and walkers, you'll be wanting some heavy rocket firepower... In response, the versatility of the Grizzly's fists was sacrificed for...
US Mudskipper Jump Walker
The Mudskipper is one of the newest walkers off the production line, a heavier platform to give the jump infantry some genuine punch as they advance in to enemy territory. With shock absorbers to handle the jumping manoeuvre and a...
M8A3 Tesla Scout
When the scientists leading the Rift-tech Tesla weapons programme offered the US military a lighter and smaller version of the Tesla cannon that had been so successful on the Sherman chassis, the military leapt at the opportunity. The addition of...
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1/72 P-47D Thunderbolt - 512FS, 406FG - Silver
Box contains 1 diecast pre-painted metal plane and base. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Soviet Konflikt '47 Starter Set
March 1947. As Europe emerges from the worst winter in living memory the Soviet war machine is replenished and ready for action. 1946 was not the greatest year for The Motherland, although the German invaders were repulsed in their efforts...
Soviet Commissar Gregor Drugov
Commissar Drugov was always a large, brutal bully of a man who found a natural home in the Soviet Political Commissariat where his fervour and belligerent nature gained him rapid recognition and promotion. Commissar Drugov is equipped with an assault...
Soviet Heavy Infantry
In a rush to keep up with their foes, Soviet infantry armour was developed quickly and put into use not long after their rivals. Cumbersome and bulky, the Soviet suits lack subtlety, but their effectiveness is not disputed. Unlike other...
Daughters of the Motherland Patriot Team
The Daughters of the Motherland have become a regular sight on Soviet newsreels and often feature on radio broadcasts. To maximise their media profile, a plan was developed to increase their presence on the battlefield and thereby bolster the (often...
Soviet Siberian Terror Squad
Through a combination of espionage, scientific exploitation of prisoners, and defecting scientists, the Soviet Union gained substantial knowledge of the German super-soldier and genesplicing programmes and produced its own versions of DNA enhanced soldiers. In an effort to make soldiers...
Soviet Ursus Infantry
The Soviets developed a weapon utilising Ursine DNA to create an 8ft tall man/bear hybrid that could go toe-to toe with any enhanced infantry on the battlefields of 1947. Powerful, but lacking control, the Ursus soldiers were often unleashed in...
Towed ZP Gun (Soviet Army crew)
These Soviet-designed sonic shock cannons are brutally effective against infantry and unprotected vehicle crews, utilising ultra-low frequencies focussed into an energy pulse that behaves like a battering ram they can disrupt most targets they face. The beam dissipates rapidly through...
Soviet Cossack Light Walker
The Soviets recognised the versatility of the German Spinne walker and were able to reverse engineer much of the technology from captured examples. Using biped technology stolen from the US, they were able to produce the Cossack. Fast and agile...
Soviet T34/ZP
In the north, the Soviets maintain pressure on the Germans with fighting heaviest around the embattled city of Warsaw. The intensity of the fighting effectively renders the city uninhabited, but its symbolism as Poland's capital means neither Hitler or Stalin...
Soviet Mammoth Walker
Having suffered terribly at the hands of German Thor and Zeusnheavy panzermechs, the Soviets put a tremendous effort into replicating their effect. After capturing a Thor, they were able to replicate much of the multi-leg technology. Picturing the Mammoth as...
Soviet Mastadon Heavy Walker
The Mastadon is a behemoth, well armoured, mobile and mechanically reliable. The design requirement to place the main gun in a turret has stretched Soviet ingenuity to the limit, but the result is effective, if not pretty. Its one weakness...
Soviet T34/ZP Turret
The Zvukovoy Proyektor unleashes powerful energy pulses which can incapacitate swathes of enemies with a single blast, even neutralising crew hiding inside their armoured vehicles. The pulse rapidly dissipates through the atmosphere but once the target has been hit, even...
Konflikt 47 Japanese Starter Set
June 1947. The Imperial Japanese Army is consolidating its position after almost 16 years of war, first with China, then in a brief struggle with the Soviet Union and later against the US and British Commonwealth. With major gains on...
Konflikt '47 Japanese Expansion Force
The starter set is merely a taste of what is to come, the Japanese are looking to completely secure their place within the world alongside Germany and Finland. With vigour and tenacity, the Japanese set forth their second wave of...
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Japanese Infantry with compression rifles
Using both disposable and rechargeable power-packs that capitalise on Japan’s other significant Rift-tech advance in battery technology; the compression rifle can have a significant impact at longer infantry ranges. Its high firepower is harder to employ at shorter ranges due...

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