Imperial Japanese Fighter Hiko Sentai - A6M5 'Zero-Sen'
Prior to World War Two, the Japanese Army Air Service orchestrated a restructuring of its organisation. The resultant Air Combat Group (飛行戦隊 Hikō Sentai) was a single-purpose unit consisting typically of three Squadrons, divided into three flights (小隊 shōtai) of...
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Blood Red Skies Japanese Superiority force
The Japanese Superiority force contains: 1 x Japanese Ace Pilot Saburō Sakai set 1 x Japanese A6MX 'Zero-Sen' Squadron set 1 x Japanese Blood Red Skies Dice set Beneath is a breakdown of what comes in the ace and squadron...
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Japanese A6MX 'Zero-Sen' 6 Plane Squadron
The Mitsubishi A6M Zero was a fast, modern fighter, but had no armour for the pilot. When the Zero was in the hands of aggressive and well-trained pilots this weakness was rarely apparent. The A6-M5 model Zero featured improved engine,...
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Japanese A6MX 'Zero-Sen' Ace - Saburō Sakai
Saburō Sakai was the Imperial Japanese Navy's fourth highest ranking Ace. When was began he shot down the first B-17 to be lost in the Pacific theatre. During a mission over Guadalcanal Sakai was badly injured but still limped his...
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