Winter Grenadier 1000 point Reinforced Platoon
Contains: 1 x German Heer HQ (Winter) 1 x German Grenadier Squad (Winter) 1 x Gebirgsjager squad 1 x German Heer MMG Team (Winter) 1 x German Heer Medium Mortar team (Winter) 1 x German Heer Panzerschreck, Flamethrower & Sniper...
German Grenadier Army
£71.50 £61.00
German Grenadier Army
We're making it easier than ever to get started with Bolt Action. This fantastic offer nets you all the core elements of a late-War German Grenadiers force. The fantastic plastic kit is replete with posing and weapon options, and they'll...
£71.50 £61.00
Panther Ausf D
The Panther was the best all-round German tank of the war and although conceived as a medium tank, at 45 tons and with frontal armour over 100mm thick, it could easily be rated more highly. The Panther's thick, sloping front...
Panther ausf G with Infra-red sights
Contains one metal and resin vehicle. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
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