German Heer Begleit Stug riders (Winter)
As Stugs lacked a turret they could prove very vulnerable to enemy tank-hunting squads, so at Kursk, they were assigned Begleit ('bodyguard') infantry to ride on their rear decks. The Begleit would disembark to clean out enemy infantry positions and...
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German 88mm Flak 36 gun crew
Five standing artillery crew figures wearing jackboots, suitable for early, mid or late war. The figures have separate heads allowing for easy conversions and posing options. These models are the ones included with the 88mm Flak 36, however they can be...
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German 'Stummel' crew in Winter kit
Two figures for fitting out your 251 or 250 Stummel half tracks: One standing with binoculars, hood over helmet One picking a shell from a shell box. Dressed in winter wear suitable for eastern front or late Western front. Follow...
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