Korean War: North Korean KPA heavy mortar team
The KPA used the 120mm mortar which had a range of about 6,000 yards. Although even heavier mortars were produced, these were breech-loading Soviet model weapons with carriages and required towing vehicles to move, making them true artillery pieces. The...
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Korean War: North Korean KPA M-42 anti-tank gun
The 45mm anti-tank gun, M1942, was designed to provide a weapon with greater penetrative power. However, like the prior M1937, it was outdated against the modern UN armour. The light-weight gun is mounted on the modified carriage of the M1937...
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Korean War: North Korean KPA ZIS-2 anti-tank gun
The 57mm ZiS-2 was a rapid-firing semi-automatic gun and could shoot up to 25 rounds a minute. This weapon was used by the KPA to give the troops more hitting power against the UN aggressors. Development of the weapon began...
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Korean War: North Korean KPA ZIS-3 divisional gun
The ZiS-3 was a Soviet-made 76mm used during the Great Patriotic War. Zis stood for Zavod imeni Stalina (factory named after Stalin), named after the honorific title of the first factory to manufacture the weapon. The weapon was popular with...
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