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Quality Kit

The late war Heer were my first introduction to Warlord miniatures, and this kit was an absolute joy to work with. So many options in poses, heads, weapons, arms, kitting - If I was pushed to find any negatives I would say that there is perhaps a limited number of options for the SMG and Assault Rifle arms, but the kit is also forigiving enough to allow for some impressive conversions (and a sprue of Blitzkrieg Infantry will add a few more SMG options with great interoperability)

Quality plastic, options for days - you could do far worse than pick up a box of these!

Caley Dollmont
Fantastic kit!

This is an excellent model kit. The body poses are nice and dynamic with a good amount of movement, there's a solid variety of weapon options, heads, and additional gear and I had a great time putting these guys together with no issues to speak of. I like that while most of the guns are attached to arms in a firing position there are still a couple of them that are separate so you can model your soldiers with guns on their backs or bases. There's even a separate panzefaust!
My minor quibbles would be a couple of the guns were a bit delicate and broke on the sprue, along with the ammo belt coming off its sprue gate in the box. There also feels like there could be a couple more empty right arms--it looks a bit strange having a soldier with only one sleeve bunched up. Still, an excellent kit and great value for the money. Absolutely recommend!

Great figs, lots of variety

Another good box of infantry that pair really well with Warlord's plastic Waffen-SS box (if you're building a Waffen SS force) . A great deal of variety in posing and equipment are afforded by the multi-part assembly on these guys. They take a little more patience and planning but the results are excellent.