Hail Caesar

From the Bronze Age to the Roman Empire, from the Spartans to Medieval Knights, Hail Caesar is a tabletop wargame with massed 28mm armies, set in the Ancients era.


Hail Caesar Starter Sets

Contains two armies - a squadron of Roman Legionaries with a Scorpion bolt thrower versus a horde of Celtic warriors - plus the full hardback rulebook.

Main Rulebook

The hard-back rulebook for 28mm Ancients wargaming.



The mighty legions of Rome - divided into late Republican (Caesarian) Romans clad in chainmail and early Imperial Romans (which, despite the name, came later!), with their distinctive banded armour and rectangular shields.


Enemies of Rome

The expanding Roman Empire was resisted by many - the Ancient Britons, Gallic Celts, Germanic tribes, Dacians & Sarmations and Parthians.

Campaign Books

These books cover specific Roman campaigns, detailing the historic events and providing scenarios to refight the battles.


Bronze Age

Massed chariot warfare between the Egyptians and the Hittite Empire, plus a wide range of other 28mm Bronze Age armies.

Iron Age (Near East)

Assyrians, Babylonians and Neo-Hittites.

Army Lists

Extensive army lists for Hail Caesar battles, covering dozens of different armies across the Ancient period.

Dark Ages

Following the collapse of the Roman Empire, Saxons, Normans and Vikings clash in northern Europe.

100 Years War

Plate armour and long bows in the war between the English and the French for control of France, including the Battle of Agincourt. 

War of the Roses

War over the throne of England between the ruling Plantagenets and the Houses of York and Lancaster.


A range of castles and forts, trees and walls to set the scene on your tabletop.

Paint & Tools

A great selection of paints and tools to prepare your forces for battle.