US Army Artillery Expansion Set (Winter)

US Army Artillery Expansion Set (Winter)

3 Infantry
1 Vehicle
1 Artillery Piece/War Machine
3 Crew
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Artillery is often the key to a battle, and nothing can hit harder. Watch as your opponents main force spreads out, and offer easy pickings for the rest of your army, as they frantically re-position into cover, from which they won’t be safe either!

Within the Armies of United States supplement a regular 105mm M2A1 medium howitzer is only 70 points. To move this piece around to a better position you will need some transport, a regular 'Deuce' 2-and-a-half ton truck with 50cal.MG is only 76 points. To provide the ideal accuracy, a spotter is highly recommended,  especially for only 10 points.

All together you have created a mobile force, able to accurately pin point high priority targets and destroy your foe for only 156 points!

Grab all you need for your close support artillery complete with truck, M2A1 105mm gun and Forward Observers!

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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