Polish Release Bundle

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Key Facts

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Scale: 28mm - 1/56th
36 Infantry
2 Vehicles
5 Artillery Pieces/War Machines
15 Crew
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To make things simple, we made this bundle so you can just add this item and receive all the Polish Airforce releases. This massive bundles contains:

  • 2x Polish Airborne Infantry, which contains 10 Polish Airborne infantrymen each, so totaling at 20 Airborne infantrymen!
  • Polish Airborne HQ which contains 1 Polish Airborne Lieutenant and 3 extra Riflemen.
  • Polish Airborne Medium Machine Gun team, which has the Vickers machine gun and 3 crewmen.
  • Polish Airborne Medium Mortar team, which has a medium mortar and 3 crewmen.
  • Polish Airborne Light Mortar team, which has a light mortar team and 2 extra riflemen.
  • Polish Airborne flamethrower and sniper teams which has the a sniper and a flamethrower, each with an additional crewman.
  • Polish Airborne PIAT anti-tank teams, which has a 2 Piat teams, totalling at 4 models.
  • Polish Airborne 6-pdr anti-tank gun, which contains 1 6-pdr anti-tank gun and 3 crewmen.
  • Polish Airborne 75mm pack howitzer, which contains 1 Pack 75mm Howitzer and 3 crewmen.
  • Polish Airborne Polsten Gun, which has the Polsten gun and 3 crewmen.
  • Polish Airborne Welbikes, which contains 2 Polish Airforce riding on Welbikes.

With this bundle, you're getting a free Polish Airborne infantry section, more men for the drop!

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted


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