Italian Tank War Bundle

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Scale: 28mm - 1/56th
5 Vehicles
ResinMetal Parts
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Help Germany take over Europe and dominate the world with this bundle! This bundle contains:

  • 3 Italian M13/40 light tanks
  • 2 Italian Semovente 75/18 assault guns
  • An A5 Tank War Mini Rulebook
  • Italian Armour decal sheet
  • Tank Damage Marker
  • Stowage pack - German

The M13/40 and M14/41 formed the main bulk of Italian force, comparable to the British light tanks, usually winning in conflicts due to its superior 47mm anti-tank gun. When facing with heavier vehicles, the Italian forces took an inspiration to the German the StuG. Seeing its success, the Italians adopted the idea and forged their own vehicle, the Semovente 75/18. Which it could reliably take out much heavier vehicles and became known as one of the nations best tanks.

With up to 4 medium machine guns, the M13/40 is one of the most deadly anti-infantry tanks on the battlefield. Potentially putting out 20 shots from an armoured shell impervious to small arms fire, the M13/40 will remain unmatched until taken out by dedicated anti-tank fire. But this is where the Semovente 75/18 would intervene as it can reliably take out heavier tanks and protect the lighter tanks.

M13/40 Stat Profile

Cost: 108pts (inexperienced), 135pts (Regular), 162pts (Veteran).
Weapons: 1 turret-mounted light anti-tank gun with co-axial MMG and 2 hull-mounted MMGs
Damage value: 8+ (Light Tank).
Options: Add an additional turret-mounted pintle-mounted MMG for +15pts Downgrade the tank to an M13/40 for -10pts. making the tank Slow
Special Rules: Vulnerable slow

Semovente 75/18 Stat Profile

Cost: 136pts (inexperienced), 170pts (Regular), 204pts (Veteran).
Weapons: 1 forward-facing hull-mounted medium anti-tank gun
Damage value: 9+ (Medium Tank).
Options: Add an additional forward-facing pintle-mounted MMG for +15pts
Special Rules: Vulnerable HE

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted


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