Antares Campaign Day Event Ticket: Ghost of Yu Hamnu (5th October 2019)

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5th October 2019

Warlord HQ Nottingham

Play some great games with others who love Gates Of Antares! Get together in a friendly atmosphere, have fun, explore new challenges on this special day!

What Is An Antares Day

Consternation grows around Antares as the events of Xilos causes gates to become unstable. There may well be more than five million gates but more gates are now closing than are being created, causing fears of a new dark age. Is the Antares nexus about to collapse, again? Once more, the Isori are given the blame after using their chronophasic device in an attempt to resolve the Xilos disaster, but blame is not enough...

In three systems in the Determinate, ancient, dormant technology in widespread archaeological sites springs to life. Whilst it is doubtful the technology is of Builder origin, it appears to be sufficiently advanced to be able to partially predict gate activity: at least, it seems to indicate the direction in which a closure is about to occur. Gaining control of a number of these devices and repositioning them could locate an imminent collapse. But there is no clear user interface to the technology and, even more mysteriously, what are thought to be status indicators occasionally flash up two words in the Concord alphabet: ‘Yu Hamnu’.

But NuHu Ambassador Yu Hamnu disappeared on Xilos: has she really survived the Xilos Catastrophe? Is she somehow safe behind the Xilos time-locks? Has she activated the ancient technology or is she just using it to communicate what she alone can see at the heart of Xilos? Most importantly, does this mean Yu Hamnu can stall the collapse using the ancient machines? The answers to these questions mean the artefacts are of immense importance to all the people of Antares.

The race to control the future of the 7th Age is on!

Antares Day

An Antares Day is a games day in which the objective is simply to play some great games with others who love Antares! It is a chance to get together in a friendly atmosphere, have fun, explore new challenges in the form of different battle environments or scenarios, talk to the game designers about what they do and what they’re doing, and meet the Gates of Antares creator and author Mr Rick Priestley.

There is a painting competition for the best army in use, a standalone painting competition and a prize for the player voted the best gamer. And the shop will be open too!

This second Antares Day in 2019 showcases a new format - a faction league based around a mini-campaign where the results will be pooled by faction, resulting in an overall winning faction.

What’s more, we’re planning for events to be taking place around the world, with all the local results feeding into one, global, Antares Day faction league result!

Watch this space for more info, or come and visit for FREE on the day and see the action taking place!


Each gaming spot costs £15. Make sure you order asap as there are only 30 spaces available.

A link for the complete player pack will be sent for you to download when you purchase your ticket.


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