With the support and supplies shipped in from the USA via the U-Boat-terrorised Atlantic convoys, forces of the British army - with their Cromwells, Churchills, and Sherman Fireflies stormed across the English Channel and upon the beaches of Normandy - while (in the hours before the landings) the Red Devils of the British Airborne had parachuted their way behind enemy lines to capture key objectives which would pave the way for the liberating Allied forces to then sweep back across Europe. In this Getting Started Section, We focus on the British Parachute Infantry.

British Reinforced Platoon  
Veteran First Lieutenant 90pts
Additional Soldier 13pts
Veteran Paratroop Section (10 man) 140pts
One Soldier Takes an LMG 20pts
Veteran Paratroop section (10 man) 140 pts
Five Soldier take an SMG (3pts each) 15pts
Veteran Medic 30pts
Regular Forward Artillery Observer 0pts
Veteran Piat team 52 pts
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