Petard Assault Team

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Scale: 28mm
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They creep as close as they can under the watchful eye of their master fireworker. When he lights the fuse he slaps them on the back and shouts “Run like the devil!”. Too many are slow on the uptake and hoist by their own petard.

Brave men these, unlike the ‘Donkey Wallopers’ as his troops call the despised cavalrymen, who take it easy in their billets when the infantry are knee deep in water in the trenches. Not this time however, as our general has ordered the Petard crew to be accompanied by a troop of dismounted Horse, now they too can share the dangers.

Clad in stiff  buff coats, back and breast, and helmet, the troopers run forward – as fast as their boots let them anyway. They are well-equipped to take enemy fire, but they are able to dish it out too, most carrying a brace of pistols and a stout sword. The Corporals have brought their carbines with them to keep the enemy’s heads down, and the regimental hard cases have been issued by the Firemaster with grenades – simple hand-hurled bombs that may be as dangerous to the thrower as the enemy!

This pack contains:

  • 1 Petard
  • 5 Dismounted Cavalrymen

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted


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