SPQR - 1000 Denarii Warriors of Gaul Warband

SPQR - 1000 Denarii Warriors of Gaul Warband

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Scale: 28mm
60 Infantry
7 Cavalry
Warlord ResinPlastic
Requires Assembly

This product is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included.


The strength of a Gaul Warband is not in the might of an individual warrior, capable though he might be. The ultimate power of a Gallic Warband lies in the sheer quantity of warriors that can they throw at the enemy.

Playing to this strength we've gone very light on the upgrades with this 1000 Denarii Warband. This allows us to fit in fifty-seven infantry minions, not including war dogs! The Gaul Warriors, Skyclad Warriors and War Dogs provide the central aspect of the force; their goal is to get well and truly stuck into a melee as quickly as possible and tie up the largest portion of an enemy warband. All Gaul Warriors are dangerous on the charge and Skyclad Warriors are especially so. The warriors are scant on armour, but most carry shields to parry the missile fire that will inevitably eclipse their charge.

Supplementing the core force are two units of missile-armed tribesmen. Slings are a powerful weapon with plenty of range, though may only fire once per turn. Archers are not hampered in this manner. They are ideal to harass the enemy from afar. They have the 'Hit & Run' rule so can prove resistant to being exposed to an enemy charge.

Finally, we have a unit of horsemen. Though not the hardest hitting of cavalry units in the game, we like to use them as a reactionary unit; shoring up gaps in the line, or to take advantage of an exposed enemy flank. They can also benefit from the 'Hit & Run' rule.


With the close combat focus of the warband in mind, we've included a Druid. As well as 'blighting' an enemy hero at the start of a game, the Druid provides a significant close-combat bonus to any unit it leads. We'd tend to place him at the heart of a twenty strong unit of Gaul Warriors.

The force is led by a mounted hero. In keeping with the themes of the greater Warband he has not been tooled up with armour. He is not particularly durable but is nevertheless useful to provide some extra punch and to keep them in the fight longer.

The bundle below also comes with miniatures to represent the Heroes of Legend; Vercingetorix and Lucterius. Though these are not part of the 1000 Denarii Warband, they can be coerced to fight as mercenaries if your Warband should suffer casualties in a Campaign. You can alternatively use them as suitably heroic-looking generic heroes for the Warband.

Includes 20 Plastic Infantry, 40 Resin Infantry, 7 Resin Cavalry, 12 resin dogs.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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