The Ravens Shadow
The Raven's Shadow is the second supplement for the SAGA rules system. Along with rules for War Banners that can be used by all existing SAGA warbands, The Raven's Shadow contains all you need to field four new factions on...
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SAGA: Arabic Rural Dwelling 1
This simple one roomed adobe building was typical of dwellings built by both ‘Middle Eastern Arabs’ (Sharq Alawsat Arab ) and ‘North African Arabs’ (Mugh Arib) during the middle ages. Even today it is not uncommon to find people building...
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SAGA: Arabic Rural Dwelling 2
This arabic adobe building was a rather large single roomed dwelling (beyond this size usually a building was sub divided into rooms), but it was still typical of arabic medieval rural houses, unsurprisingly due to its size, it had an...
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SAGA: Arabic Village Compound 1
Traditionally many Arabs lived in villages (Kariya) of related families, in such close knit Islamic comminutes homes would have private walled courtyards for the personal modesty of the family. We often refer to these courtyarded dwellings as village compounds (Housh)....
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