Rocky Terrain pack with modular board
Rocks are on nearly every single planet and can be used in any manner you really see fit, you can make a debris field, or a boulder field, or a natural field faded by time. In the Antares rule book,...
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Spec Ops Compound
You have Project Z and want to get hold of Sarissas excellent compound separately? Then here you go, the full compound set contains: 7 walls 1 gate wall Factory Unit Helipad Water tank Portacabin Compound lights Models supplied unassembled and...
Strontium Dog Collection 1
This is the place to start; get ALL the first wave releases in one place and follow Johnny Alpha & Wulf Sternhammer as they take on Max Bubba’s gang, the Stix Brothers, the Weerdz & Goons!   The setting is...
Strontium Dog: Search & Destroy!
Successful Search/Destroy agents rely on speed, cunning and firepower in equal measure. The ubiquitous skimmer provides high speed, all-terrain maneouvrability and is often the vehicle of choice for bounty hunters and outlaws alike. Also known as hover sleds or hov-bikes,...
Strontium Dog: The Experience
Get the bulk of our Strontium Dog releases in one shout! Watch as Johnny Alpha, Wulf, the Gronk and other SD agents take on the myriad of enemies within the universe! From the fearsome Max Bubba, the Weerds, Darkus and...
£252.00 £225.00
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