Blood Red Skies Japanese Ace Pilot: Joichi Tomonaga
Tomonaga was born in Nagan prefecture in 1911 and fought in the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1937. He was assigned to the carrier Hiryu at the outbreak of WW2 and led a squadron of B5N torpedo bombers during the attack...
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Blood Red Skies Japanese Ace Pilot: Satoru Anabuki
Satoru Anabuki was born in Kagawa Prefecture and graduated from the Tokyo Army Aviation School in April 1941. He served with the 50th Sentai (squadron) in the conquest of the Philippines, claiming his first three victories. In 1942 Satoru’s squadron...
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Blood Red Skies Japanese Ace Pilot: Takashige Egusa
Egusa was born in Hiroshima and graduated from the Etajima Naval Academy as a dive bombing specialist in 1930. He fought in China and was later stationed on the carrier Soryu where he became commander of an Aichi D3A (Val)...
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