Wallenstein, Imperial Commander
A gifted politician and soldier from Bohemia, Wallenstein grew in stature to command armies for the Imperialist, or Habsburg cause, fielding vast forces in many battles in The Thirty Years War.  Despite his many successes he fell out of Imperial favour and...
Wallenstein's Lifeguard Command
Pack contains 3 metal mounted figures. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
The Earl of Essex
Robert Devereux, eldest son of the 2nd Earl of Essex who was famously executed by Elizabeth I, was born in 1591. Although one of the wealthiest men in England at the time of the English Civil War, he was never...
Standing Landsknecht regiment deal
Regiment consists of 1 pack x Landsknecht command standing 3 packs x Landsknect pike standing With this deal you get the command for free! Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
£43.00 £36.00
Sir Thomas Fairfax
Sir Thomas Fairfax ,also known as "Black Tom" due to his dark hair and eyes was a leading Parliament General in the English civil wars. A no-nonsense Yorkshireman, he was well qualified to command as he had fought as a...
Prince Rupert of the Rhine
Born in Prague in 1619 the son of Frederick V, Elector of Palatinate, Prince Rupert was the nephew of King Charles I. Rupert first campaigned in the Thirty Years War at the age of 14, and was held hostage in...
Pike & Shotte Starter Battalia Expansion Set
Set contains: Pike & Shotte Command Harquebusiers boxed set Pike & Shotte light gun Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Pike & Shotte Mounted Commander
Pack contains 1 mounted metal figure with a choice of 2 heads. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Pike & Shotte Highland Battalion
The Scottish Clans were a throw-back to an earlier time. Small, tight family groups who eked out tough lives on hill farms supplemented at times by raiding from other Clans in long standing feuds. When times were very hard young...
£103.00 £92.00
Pike & Shotte Command Sprue
The price is for a single plastic sprue Supplied unpainted
Pike & Shotte Command Group 4
Contains 4 metal models Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Pike & Shotte Command
Officer. Lifted straight from page 116 of Wagner's classic TYW book, this officer is a classic study. He is richly dressed, in old fashioned jacket and possibly has served on the continent himself. He will be ideal for all early...
Ottoman Sipahi of the Porte Heavy Cavalry Regiment
A heavy cavalry regiment is a sight to behold as they rush the front lines and overwhelm the enemy! This set contains: 1 x Ottoman Sipahi of the Porte Cavalry Command 2 x Ottoman Sipahi of the Porte Heavy Cavalry...
£36.00 £33.00
Ottoman Sipahi of the Porte cavalry command
Heavy cavalry leaders had to be strong warriors and great combatants as heavy cavalry can be often seen as the elite or shock troop of the main force. With their main goals usually being to break through the front lines...
Oliver Cromwell
Cromwell. Our chief of Men.Oliver Cromwell had little inclination to become a great general, and indeed had no military experience at all before he felt compelled to resist the machinations of Charles, raising a troop of horse in East Anglia and...
Mounted Mercenary Captain (Wars of Religion)
Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary.
Lord Leven, Covenanter Lord General
The Covenanter's armies most gifted and successful general. This Thirty Years War veteran was instrumental in the English Civil Wars. Contains single mounted metal character. Supplied unpainted and unassembled.
Landsknechts Pikemen
The late 15th and early 16th centuries in Europe were defined by near-constant warfare. National ‘standing armies’ were unheard of and the ambitions of empires were reliant on the mercenaries they could afford to hire. This box contains: Plastic components...
Landsknechts officers
The term, Landsknecht, literally means ‘Land Servant’ or ‘Servant of the Country’ and seems to have been coined sometime around 1470. As a result, it takes a real soldier to lead the Landsknecht into battle, fighting for the simple notion...
Landsknechts Brigade
The late 15th and early 16th centuries in Europe were defined by near-constant warfare. In an age where national ‘standing armies’ were largely unheard of, the ambitions of empires were reliant on the mercenaries they could afford to hire. As...
Landsknecht command standing
Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Landsknecht command advancing
Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
King Charles I
Divisive but powerful, Charles I was the King of England, Ireland, and Scotland. Betrayed by the perfidious Scots  he was defeated and eventually murdered (or executed illegally). He was praised as a Saint by the Anglican church during the reign of...
Kaiser Maximilian I (Young & Old)
Waging war against France and within Italy, Maximillian hired sleuths of Landsknechts. Maximillian was keen to give the men freedom to wear what they wanted, and this resulted in plumes, slashed sleeves and bright colours. This blister pack contains a...
James Graham, The Marquis of Montrose
The Marquis of Montrose was perhaps the most tragic, brilliant and romantic figure of the British civil wars.He became the King's Champion in all of Scotland and fought a brilliant campaign against extraordinary odds battling the grim Government Covenanter forces. With a...
Jacobite Rebellion: Duke of Cumberland 1745
The Duke of Cumberland, was a younger son and favourite of the brave George II of England. He grew up to command large British forces on the Continent after initially trying out for the Royal Navy. He fought bravely and...
Jacobite Rebellion: Bonnie Prince Charlie 1745
Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Sylvester Maria Stuart, or as we shall simply call him, Bonnie Prince Charlie was the pretender to the British throne in the mid-18th century. The last of the Stuarts he believed as did his forbearers...
Gustavus Adolphus, King Of Sweden
The charismatic King of Sweden who changed seventeenth century warfare forever with his reforms. We depict him here in buffcoat and with drawn sword leaping his horse over an obstacle, once again leading from the front like all proper politicians should do...what a fantastic...

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