Wargames Illustrated WI422 February 2023 Edition
QUICK FIRE! Modelling ‘shorts’ from your fellow wargamers. WIDIGITAL WIPrime Members can download a selection of exclusive STL files every month to print, paint, and game with. This article covers our February selection. OBSERVATION POST Our monthly examination of new...
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Wargames Illustrated WI421 January 2022 Edition
QUICK FIRE! A look at a project by an unknown and excitable young WI reader named Alan Perry. OBSERVATION POST Our monthly examination of new releases; this month we’ve got Romans vs Goths, goblins, dungeons, Vietnam War painting, and TRIBAL...
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Wargames Illustrated WI420 December 2022 Edition
QUICK FIRE! Your fellow wargamers talk teddy bears and (bang on trend!) Blair ‘Paddy’ Mayne. OBSERVATION POST 10mm War of Spanish Succession, medieval civilians, World War Two raids, and Rampant sci-fi all feature in this month’s OP. RELEASE RADAR See...
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