Japanese Battle-Frame Infantry Officer
As the Imperial Japanese Army increases the production and deployment of its armoured exoskeleton suits, it is trialling the use of complete units of battle-frames capable of extended operations. Whether these are used as assault troops to overwhelm a defensive...
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Japanese Battle Exoskeleton Squad
Granted access to the mass of German Rift-tech development, Japanese scientists were able to make significant advances in new areas of technology. One such field was that of exoskeletons intended to enhance the endurance and speed of the fighting soldier,...
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Japanese Battle Frame Anti-tank Team
The speed and agility of the IJA’s exoskeleton battle frames make them ideal at manoeuvring around slow, lumbering vehicles, enabling them to maximise the firepower of their anti-tank weaponry. Equipped with the latest anti-tank rocket launchers to come out of...
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Japanese Ghost Attack Squad
Using the technical data provided by Germany, the Japanese have made incredible advances in the field of molecular cohesion, creating a device that generates a small field capable of phasing out of sync with the material around it. The military...
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Japanese Shibito squad
The Shibito Squads were relentless on the battlefields of 1947, immune to fear and programmed to fight until they collapse. US and Commonwealth troops found themselves under constant pressure in the remote battlefields of the Pacific Theatre. Without the need...
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Shibito (Not Zombie) Horde
In Konflikt'47 you're allowed to expand your corpse unit to 24! so this bundle gives you 2 boxes to bring you up to 20 to start with.... ggrrrrr. Watch as your opponent is helpless against your Shibito horde! This bundle...
£40.00 £36.00
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Japanese Scorpion light walker
The Type 6 Ke-Ho Kei-Hokousensha ‘Scorpion’ clearly owes its speed and agility to the German Spinne but combines this with a much lower profile and far quieter engine, making it an excellent recce vehicle. Nicknamed the Sasori (‘scorpion’) by its...
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Japanese Locust medium battlewalker
Japan has now been able to enhance its Battlewalker programme with shared assets from the German Panzermech program. The addition of a bipedal jump-capable walker based on the Heuschrecke/locust medium panzermech, able to compete with the versatility of the Allied...
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Chi-Ha medium tank with compression turret
The advent of Rift-technology, however, has allowed Japan to close the gap in some areas. Although increasing industrial capacity hasn’t been easy, the study of the Rift messages provided by Germany has allowed Japan to create a family of rapid...
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