Six Doctors K9 Promotion
One of the doctors most loyal companions, K9, is available now for FREE when you buy all 6 doctors in this fantastic multi-buy set! Exterminate! Game Cards You can download a PDF containing the cards for these models in the...
First, Fourth and Tenth Doctors
The First Doctor has been characterised as a crotchety old man but he was so much more, displaying childish delight, great charm, enormous warmth and a wonderful sense of mischief during his many adventures through time and space. The Fourth...
Fifth, Eleventh & Twelfth Doctors
The Fifth Doctor was the Time Lord’s most youthful incarnation up to that point in his life but there was more to this cricket-loving Doctor than just youthful impetuosity… The Doctor, in his eleventh incarnation, is an excited explorer of...
Twelfth Doctor and Companions Set
Taking the facial features of a man he had saved in his tenth form as a reminder that the Doctor saves people, the Twelfth Doctor has struggled to come to terms with his inner demons since regeneration. Outwardly brusque, the...
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Dr Who 11th Doctor & Companions
Youthful in appearance, but centuries old, the Eleventh Doctor loved life, but had little tolerance for those who did him wrong. A fondness for hats and Jammie Dodgers, he was adventurous and unpredictable. He travelled with Amy and Rory and,...
Tenth Doctor and Companions Set
Coupling a boyish charm with an, at times, ruthlessly uncompromising darker side, the Tenth Doctor was ably assisted by companions such as Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble and Wilfred Mott. Facing and confounding Daleks, Weeping Angels, Cybermen amongst a...
Ninth Doctor & Companions
Battle-scarred, but with a great love of life and adventure, the Ninth Doctor invited Rose Tyler aboard the TARDIS for a trip of a lifetime. Later joined by Captain Jack Harkness, occasionally assisted by Mickey Smith and Rose’s mother, Jackie,...
The Return of Doctor Mysterio
The Return Of Doctor Mysterio sees The Doctor and the previously decapitated Nadole (Matt Lucas taking on the companion role, now thankfully with his head reattached) arrive in present day New York. They team up with reporter Lucy Fletcher and...
The Woman who lived
An ordinary Viking girl killed after a battle with the alien Mire, Ashildr was resurrected by the Doctor using a Mire repair kit which was able to fix her physiology. Now with a potentially infinite lifespan, she chose aliases such...
Voyage of the Damned
Travelling alone, the Tenth Doctor crash lands the TARDIS into the side of the Titanic, although this version happens to be a luxury space cruise liner! Its engines sabotaged, the Titanic is on a collision course with Earth. Posing as...
Professor Yana and Chantho
This release features two beautifully sculpted pewter characters from the Series Three story Utopia: Professor Yana, played by Derek Jacobi, and Chantho, played by Chipo Chung. This story reintroduces the Master, one of the Doctor’s oldest and deadliest enemy. Here...
Doctor Who TARDIS
The TARDIS is an abbreviation, it stands for: Time And Relative Dimension In Space Model supplied unpainted
The Fourth Doctor & Companions
Never without his trademark scarf and a bag of jelly babies, the Fourth Doctor was more distant and alien than his predecessors. His big, almost maniacal grin and offbeat humour was often contrasted by a sombre and sometimes aloof personality....
Doctor Who Time Lords
Gallifrey, the home planet of the Time Lords, stands in the constellation of Kasterborous. The Time Lords invented space and time travel machines known as TARDISes, but closely monitored their use to ensure time was neither abused nor history changed....
The Thirteenth Doctor & TARDIS
After a spectacular regeneration inside his TARDIS, the Twelfth Doctor regenerated into a brand new body. The Thirteenth Doctor is the woman who, quite literally, fell to Earth! Being joined in her adventures in space and time by her new...
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Transparent Thirteenth Doctor's TARDIS
The TARDIS is the Doctor’s trusty time machine and has been for many centuries. This type 40 Gallifreyan travel capsule remains stuck in the design of a late twentieth century English police box, but the Doctor wouldn’t have it any...
Doctor Who Gallifreyan Guards
The Doctor’s home planet, Gallifrey, having allowed itself to be drawn into the Last Great Time War, was suddenly faced with a great crisis necessitating the raising of troops to do battle. The Gallifreyan Guards were brave and loyal militia,...
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