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Soviet Spearhead Column
£157.50 £130.00
Soviet Spearhead Column
Lead Stalin’s forces straight into the heart of Germany and finally end this wretched war. Spurred on with the promise of glory and the security of their country, the Soviets forces are completely merciless during battle. This bundle contains more...
£157.50 £130.00
German Rear Guard Column
As the main German force retreats and prepares more defences, the rear guard will cover and intercept the Soviet forces. Completely prepared to stand to the last man, this German column is full of veteran units ready to get revenge...
German Stug Assault (Winter)
One not enough? Want a great starting gift or expansion to an existing force? Then the Assault set is a perfect way to achieve your needs... A small task force (Kampfgruppe), the schwimmwagen scouts ahead as the hunting Stug's move...
German Motorised Column
Mobilise your tired forces; this bundle provides the transport you need to evacuate the wounded and move valuable assets. It contains: 3 x Opel Blitz & Maultier box sets 1 x Kubelwagen 1 x Raus Dismounted set Models supplied unassembled...
£85.00 £72.00
German Stug riders on StuG III G (Winter)
You will be wanting the ideal platform for your Stug riders to ride into battle on - the Stug III Ausf G (can also be modelled as the StuH-42) possibly one of our favourite armoured vehicles in the game of...
Raus Dismounted
With Much Demand We now have the Panzer Grenadiers separate from the Half Track. Germany’s early success in armoured warfare were centred around the intelligent use of combined arms, tanks, artillery, infantry and even aeroplanes working together to out manoeuvre...
German Heer Begleit Stug riders (Winter)
As Stugs lacked a turret they could prove very vulnerable to enemy tank-hunting squads, so at Kursk, they were assigned Begleit ('bodyguard') infantry to ride on their rear decks. The Begleit would disembark to clean out enemy infantry positions and...
US Tank Crew dismounted
Ideal as objective markers in a regular game, or better yet as representations of your experienced crew escaping from their brewing tank in a campaign game where keeping your crew skills is vital (pages 25-32 Tank War). These great crew...
US Tank Crew
This pack provides you with two drives, two tank commanders and a crewman firing .50 cal machine gun. Perfect for adding some variety to your units of tanks. Contains 5 metal crew and gun. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Soviet Tank Crew
Contains 5 metal tank crew. 1 crew member comes with multiple arm options.  Supplied unpainted and unassembled.    
Seated German Heer (1943 - 45)
This set contains 6 metal seated infantry (two individual models, and two pairs.)  These models can be used as passengers for various German vehicles - including the Horch, Kubelwagen and Schwimmwagen.These models are supplied unpainted, and some preparatory work and...
Japanese tank crew
Pack contains 2 metal commanders and 2 metal drivers. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Polish Army Tank Crew
Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
French tank crew
Pack contains 4 metal miniatures Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted Tank not included!
Italian tank crew
Pack contains 5 metal miniatures Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted Tank not included!
Dismounted Panzer crew
These fantastic crew figures are perfect for representing you skilled crew in campaigns using the Tank War supplement, or as objectives to rescue in a battle or just as great command figures.... Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Seated Waffen-SS Squad (Hanomag)
Resin Waffen-SS seated Hanomag squad Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
German Panzer Crew
Add some great character and detail to your tanks with this useful kit. Included are 3 tank crew members that fit in the hatches of your Warlord resin tanks. Contents: 3 metal crew members Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Blitzkrieg German Panzer Crew (1939-42)
Contains: 3 metal tank crew figures Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
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