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Brian Aderson
Just the ticket

I have to say I love the way these books are structured. They provide some useful historical context and the system allows a quick and easy selection for forces, whilst allowing a player to stay within the original structures of the forces in theatre.

All in all a great investment for anyone who wants to honour the memory of those who served by recreating some of the engagements on a tabletop.

Andrew J Franke
Essential For British Players of Bolt Action

This book is an essential if you are playing a British army.
The book starts off with a 7 page history overview of the British and commonwealth forces in WWII and the major campaigns.
The next section is the real meat of the book. It details the stats for every choice you have to build a reinforced Platoon in Bolt Action.
Starting with HQ sections it takes you through the stats of every infantry, weapon and vehicle available to the British and Commonwealth armies of the Second World War.
Next up are the army lists for every major campaign in the entire war. This covers all theaters. Both European and Pacific are well documented. The only area I find a little lacking is the coverage of the Italian Campaign. There is no list for Sicily or the lead up to Monte Cassino, Monte Cassino being the sole list in the Italian Campaign. This is a small quibble from someone who has more than enough information to make lists for the aforementioned campaigns.

Overall this book is well organize, illustrated and laid out. As stated before it is an essential reference for anyone playing a British army in Bolt Action. Even if you are not playing Bolt Action this is a worthy addition to your library.